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Apr 2, 2013 07:32 PM

Jury duty at Camden courthouse

Is there anything within walking distance?

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  1. Camden was ranked the most dangerous city in the Country in 2012 and that was before they lost 50% of their police force early this year. My wife used to work at a hospital in Camden and she was escorted to her car by armed guards. My advice would be to ask the Sheriffs Officers manning the metal detectors where they would go if they were NOT armed. My guess is that they would advise brown bagging it.

    1. I went to college in Camden, right near the courthouse. I don't think there's anything "chow" worthy around there, but there are plenty of places to grab lunch. If you have time, hop in your car and go to Donkey's for a cheesesteak. There may be some decent Mexican places, but I don't know if any are near the courthouse. I remember going to one place called Mexico Lindo (I think) around like 30th & Federal (not near the courthouse, but not a long drive either).

      1. Its not "chow worthy" but down by Campbells field is the Victor. Standard bar food, just throw back a few cold ones. People need to relax on their Camden fright. True its dangerous but anywhere a non Camden resident usually goes in the city isn't that bad. Working in the LE field there most of the crime is drug/gang related and the regular Joe doesn't have too much to worry about.

        1. If Camden was a foreign country, the State Department would have a no travel advisory in place. Again, check with the Sheriff's Officers at the Court House doors or speak to whats left of Camden City PD if you can find one.

          1. And worst-case scenario, there is a snack bar-type place in the building. You probably will not have time to drive anywhere - I remember getting only a 30-40 minute break when I had jury duty there in 2011.

            EDIT: I had state, not federal, JD - not sure if both are in the same building.