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Sunday dinner on the East side?

We'll be in NYC for 4 nights and will be hitting some pretty expensive and upscale places. We do have a free night when we arrive on Sunday and are looking for something not too fussy or expensive (less than $100pp) ideally not too far (or a short cab ride) from our hotel on 57th & Lex. We'd like something comfortable, not too loud serving good drinks and American, French, Italian food...or seafood in our area. Sunday seems to be a bit of a problem; we'd love some recommendations.

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  1. Sea Fire Grill or Il Postino

    1. A 10 min cab ride could get you to Public.

      1. Felidia on 58th between 2nd and 3rd.

        Salumeria Rosi on Madison between 72nd and 73rd.

        1. I'm assuming $100pp is total - includes tax, tip, and drinks?

          $100 before tax/tip is around $77.

          Minus, say, two drinks each @ $12 (average) per drink, that's around a $53 menu price (how the $$s fritter away, I know...)

          Around Midtown I'd suggest...

          Bar Room @ The Modern - though it can add up quick, fine if you're eating light.

          Bar @ Aquavit - not as adventurous as the regular dinner in their main dining room, but solid Nordic comfort food and very good cocktails, really underrated bar program.

          Alfama - hearty Portuguese fare, good wines, never tried the cocktails

          The National - nothing crazy creative, but well-executed American fare.

          Monkey Bar - great drinks, though the food menu might be a little on the pricey side.

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            I was going to suggest The Modern Bar Room but I was afraid it may be a bit too loud.

          2. If you want something that's "just neighborhood" and within walking distance, then Luna Piena for Italian, on 53rd between 3rd and 2nd; Jubilee for French on 1st between 52nd & 53rd. All menus are available at menupages.com

            1. If the weather is nice and you want to take a stroll down Lexington to Murray Hill:

              Le Parisien: French bistro

              Marcony: Italian

              DaCiro: Italian

              I Trulli: Italian

              Ethos: Greek, excellent seafood

              Wild Edibles: Seafood

              Rare: American
              If you like Middle Eastern food walk over to:
              Al Bustan for excellent authentic Lebanese/Syrian

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                How does Ethos compare to Avra for Greek seafood?

                Price is not hugely important, but I'd like to keep it to $100pp before tax and tip.

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                  Ethos has excellent fresh whole fish broiled in the simple Greek style.
                  We've never been to Avra.

              2. L'Absinthe
                Bistro 61
                Fig and Olive

                1. 1/2 block from your hotel-BLT Steak on 57 th between Park and Lex. one of our favorite go-to places in the neighborhood. Quietish, solid food and service and oh so close to you..

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                    We have BLT Steak in southern CA where we live, so we want to try something new. So far, looking over all of the recommendations (thank you CH's) we're thinking that Salumeria Rosi - Il Ristorante, on the upper east side (72nd & Madison) sounds most appealing. Comments?