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Apr 2, 2013 06:45 PM


I like the kind with cauliflower but I've been having a hard time finding it recently. Sure you can get Mezzetta at Rainbow, but I used to be able to find other brands. Bill's Foods used to have a nice selection but now they have almost nothing. There is nothing at Holy Land and nothing in the market in Cosetta's. Any ideas?

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  1. Excited to read others' replies. Potbelly sells their "hot peppers' and it does have a little bit of cauliflower in it.

    It is also surprisingly easy to make.

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      I was going to say the same thing. I know this is not a recipe forum, but basically it's water, vinegar, salt, and whatever veggies you want to add. And SO much cheaper to make at home.

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        I've seen a Marconi Chicago style brand both hot and mild @ Cub and Rainbow.

      2. How about Brianno's in Eagan or Buon Giorno in Mendota?

        1. Morelli's on the east side of St Paul has a small selection in the back corner of their store. I've been buying the "hot" variety of the Pagliacci brand. It's packed in an oil brine, and it's mostly peppers and olives, but it's delicious. And hot!

          1. Whole Foods carries a brand that I always have on hand, I believe it's called "That Pickle Guy". I know it's got smaller pieces of carrots along with the peppers and olives (very few olives), but cauliflower has been limited (if any). They carry a mild and hot version, I always go with the hot. Pretty awesome stuff.

            UPDATE: Pulled up "That Pickle Guy" website and it notes cauliflower in the ingredients. It's definitely the stuff.