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Apr 2, 2013 06:19 PM

Making the best of a bad situation: Farmed Salmon

So I was gifted two farmed salmon fillets (about 6-8 oz each).

I'm not even going to pretend these are going to be good vis-a-vis wild salmon, or that I will like them that much but having said that, any suggestions on how I can make the best of a bad situation?

Some parameters:

- No pets (so "feed it to Fido" is out of the question)
- Not freezing (why keep "bad" longer than I have to)
- Not giving it away (bad karma w/re-gifting, and no one to give to anyway)
- Trash (this is a last resort)

Thank you.

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  1. Oooh...pickle it. Overwhelms the bad, lets you keep the good. Here's a good link: . Recipe calls for two pounds of salmon, but scaling to fit is no problem.

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      1. re: cayjohan

        Yep, I'd say pickle or gravlax. One of my friends insists that the soft texture and bland flavor of farmed salmon actually makes it preferable as a starting point over wild for these two uncooked type of preps.

        ETA: And yes, you should freeze them to kill the parasites.

          1. Grill it. Do not over cook!!!

            PS/ Do not over cook!

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            1. re: Uncle Bob

              I agree with Uncle Bob here...

              Marinate the filets in a bit of soy, brown sugar, mirin, oil, ginger, a pinch of chili pepper, and garlic; and then grill them over some nice chunks of citrus wood, or you could cedar plank them.

              Either way you should allow the smoke and the marinade make up for the lack of flavor.

            2. Strong seasoning. I like to slather with Tandoori paste and pan fry.