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Apr 2, 2013 06:12 PM

ISO small forks

hi hounds,

this is a strange/weird request ... my 16 month old has a thing for eating from 'real' cutlery. our regular cutlery is WAY too big for his mouth. but an espresso spoon fits quite well. forks are more challenging. my parents (for some odd reason) have a bunch of small forks which my kid can use quite well/easily ... but my parents have NO CLUE where they bought them.

so, short of swiping the stuff at my parents' house, i'm trying to hunt down small forks. nothing fancy. just plain small forks. like the size of an espresso spoon.

i don't need a cutlery set and i don't care if these forks don't match my current set. ideally, i'd like to buy these loose but would be fine if they're sold in a box of six (or something). i also need the tines to be rounded.

yesterday, i checked homesense, winners, target, ikea and kitchenstuffplus (all in etobicoke). LOTS of options for espresso spoons but no small forks.

any idea on where i could find these? preferably in GTA west.

thanks so much!!!

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  1. There's a little kitchen supply store in Dufferin Mall where I got some little forks a few years ago, but they were 3 pronged. Came in a box of 6. The store might be one of the chains but for the life of me I can't remember which one (near the food court)

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    1. re: kbdid

      3 pronged would be PERFECT!

      thanks! i'll go look up the mall directory now...

      1. re: lilaki

        Sounds like its Benix...that store is no longer at Dufferin mall but there should be other locations. I bet any restaurant supply, like Tap Phong on Spadina, would have some.

        1. re: szw

          As far as I know the store is still there...the name Benix does come to mind but maybe it's changed hands.

          1. re: kbdid

            Benix is a kitchen store that used to be in many malls. It recently closed down in the last couple months and a bowring opened up in its place. Its right by the food court. I was in there a few months ago and happened to be by there again yesterday and it was gone.

            Hmm, I just looked it up and benix and bowring are owned by the same company. Makes sense!

          2. re: szw

            tks for the suggestion re: restaurant supply store ... there's one on horner which is close to home. i'll give them a call today.

      2. IKEA didn't have these?

        My parents have a "Peter Rabbit" set-- stainless fork and spoon, plastic/melamine divided dish, cereal bowl, cup.

        There're also some US choices:

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        1. re: Kris in Beijing

          +1 for the Ikea forks. We have these at our office. They are quite small so perfect for your chow pup. Since they are not specifically "kid" forks they won't be outgrown.

          Another option are these cocktail forks from CB2:

          1. re: num nums

            yes, ikea did have them but they're a bit bigger than i was looking for ... thank you for the other suggestions ... i'll take a look.

            also ... 'chow pup' ... LOL! that's awesome. yep ... i guess that's what he is!

        2. I know it is a set, but we use and are happy with these:

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          1. re: kmbar

            tks for the reco ... that's a really pretty set. my problem is that my kid goes through several spoons/forks per meal. he's into dropping his cutlery (i know - a bad habit and we're working on it). so, i suppose i could buy multiple sets and just have them around ... something to think about.

          2. I had a set of these that I sold in a garage sale. These are "cocktail forks". If you search that term on Etsy, you will find several options. They are small, but not with rounded tines.


            1. I would recommend heading to Mika's Japanese gift shop for small utencils. They're closing shop permanently (sadly) and they have lots of wonderful Japanese cooking and eating utensils and dining sets... including very cute children sets!

              I bought 3 sets of utencils from there at 70% off and it included a metal container to hold a fork, butter knife, spoon, and chopsticks! They're decorated with cute Japanese cartoon characters.

              They're located at Mavis and Britannia in Mississauga.

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              1. re: Nevy

                OMG ... i had no idea mika's is closing. do you happen to know when? i'll head over there asap...

                1. re: lilaki

                  They've been doing their close out sale for about a month or so (possibly longer). I didn't see a date for closing in their store but I do know that their stock was much smaller than a few weeks ago.

                  They still have the awesome Japan only Kasugii chewy fruit candy though. The passionfruit, lychee, and mango ones are so good ... especially at 50%+ off