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Apr 2, 2013 05:20 PM

Chinese food for Chinese people (north bay)

Can anyone recommend a Chinese restaurant in the north bay that would be authentic enough for Chinese people (not Chinese-Americans) ? The closer to Sonoma (the town), the better.

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  1. Hang Ah may be the closest. they are operated by the same people in s.f. chinatown. dim sum in the mornings and cantonese fare in the evenings.

    2130 Armory road
    santa rosa, 576-7873

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      You can try calling Fresh China to see if the owner Peter is around. When he cooks, the food is excellent. My family and I have had several banquet meals there with dishes off the menu. Depending on how many people you have, it might be worth a shot.

      1. re: calalilly

        Fresh China and the goned China Room's focus is on non-chinese patrons. doubtful this fits the poster's criteria.

        yes, heartell Peter is in the kitchen now.

        1. re: shanghaikid

          I don't think there's a Chinese restaurant in Sonoma county focused on Chinese patrons =)

          1. re: calalilly

            true, there's hardly any chinese people in sonoma.
            doubt neither Amy's, Golden Spring, Happy Garden, nor Shanghai caters to any significant number of chinese patrons.

      2. re: shanghaikid

        the one in chinatown serves dimsum all day long, for dinner too

      3. You may have to drive to Richmond...

        1. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It looks like I should not try to put Chinese food into my Sonoma plans.

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          1. re: DagingKuda

            Good thinking. I imagine anywhere you take them there is better Chinese Food in China! (- ;

            1. re: chefj

              Sometimes when you're on a food adventure, it's nice to take a little break, and go for something familiar.

              1. re: DagingKuda

                Really, I never seek out American Food when Traveling.

                1. re: chefj

                  If I have the time, I usually try to schedule in some meals to see what the local interpretations of "old favorites" are like. For example, I'm curious to see how Chinese restaurants interpolate their food in places where Chinese are not as numerous. Or how pizza or fried chicken get translated into different cultures. That doesn't mean eating at international branches of Panda Express, PF Chang's, Pizza Hut or KFC though. So if I'm in a place where those (or places of similar or lower quality) are the only choices , then I will definitely give them a pass. But I'm still curious enough to find out if there are interesting options.

                  BTW, what would you interpret as American Food ? Since American cuisine draws influence from many different places, essentially you wind up eating local variations (if not roots) of American food anyway in many western countries.

                  1. re: DagingKuda

                    That subject gets way too heated for me.
                    True about the roots of many American dishes can be found in Europe yet they are distincly different than what is now the American Dish. Chowder is a good example As are Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.

                    1. re: DagingKuda

                      I'll share that my parents made this a hobby when they traveled. I have a childhood memory of pulling into a Chinese restaurant somewhere around Flagstaff, AZ or Gallup NM. The owners brought their rice bowls and chopsticks from their house for us to use, since they did not have these traditional implements for customers, and treated us like long lost family. More interesting than the food would often be the story of how they came to immigrate to a place isolated from other Chinese. My parents sought out Chinese restaurants in Jamaica, Vienna, Madrid, and many other venues I can't recall.

                      1. re: DagingKuda

                        I think Hang Ah in Santa Rosa might suit your purpose -- I see that they serve both dim sum and dinner... please report back on what you think.