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Apr 2, 2013 04:03 PM

Paleo inspiration for smoked turkey legs

I got two smoked turkey legs from Whole Foods. I haven't actually used smoke turkey legs as an ingredient before in anything, but I would be inclined to put them in a pot of beans. Since I am avoiding legumes these days, I am just looking for other inspiration. The obvious use would be in greens like collards, but what else? How would you use these paleo style?

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  1. You could stuff squash with the smoked turkey, apple, onion, mushrooms and grain free breadcrumbs and bake.

    Turkey pot pie with almond flour crust.

    What about cabbage rolls with a nice tomato sauce, stuff them with a mix of turkey, spinach and red spices...mexie style might be nice.

    If you have paleo buns, you could make a smokey sloppy joe sandwich with some cole slaw ( like a pulled pork riff)

    Sometimes I just make an egg crepe ( thin flat sheet of scrambled egg) and roll it up with Asian flavors of any meat and veggies with a side salad.

    Smoked turkey salad with dried cranberries and grapes.

    Of course there is always soup or stew to make when you are stumped with any meat!

    1. Sedimental gave you some great suggestions. I second the salad idea, though I'd go with curry-based seasoning, add some toasted nuts, and use either apple or dried apricot for the fruit component.

      You can also dice the meat & use it in a sweet potato hash.

      1. smoked turkey hash, with a poached egg on top.

        1. Smoked turkey is great to flavor a pot of greens (like collard greens) - even traditional Southern cooks sometimes use it instead of pork.