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Apr 2, 2013 03:29 PM

Downtown Dallas Dinner Recommendation - Tough One

Phx CHer flying in Monday for a business trip. We are staying at the Dallas Marriott CityCenter. I need a solid rec on a dinner spot for a group of about 6 guys, all good eaters, no issues with type of food.

Here's the kicker, it is the NCAA basketball championship and we need a place with good TVs to watch the game (we have Michigan grads in the group - Go Blue!). Impossible task?

Thx for the help in advance.

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  1. It's funny you ask this quesiton, because I've gone through this myself on several occasions. I want good food, but I want to watch a game with a group of friends.

    The traditionally popular game-watching spots are Frankie's, McKinney Ave Tavern and Christie's. They all serve "bar food" and I don't personally think the food at any of them is particularly good. Katy Trail Ice House is a new bar that has a half-indoor, half-outdoor setup that's very conducive to watching a game and pretty solid burgers, BBQ and beer. If the weather is nice, I would expect it to be VERY crowded during the Championship game. If you truly want a "sports bar-like" atmosphere, the aforementioned are going to be the prime options.

    If you are looking for something higher-end, the options are much more limited. I've watched a few games in the bar area of Nick & Sam's Steakhouse. It's a decent place to watch a game, definitely good for a group of guys, and has great steaks. The bar area is tougher to get a table in, because of it's small size, so you will need to call ahead to see if they can accommodate you and if they can setup a party of six so everyone can see the game.

    Blue Fish on Greenville Ave has decent (far from the best in town) sushi and lots of big TVs, so you could consider that as well.

    Everything else I can think of at the moment has either only one TV or crappy TVs, neither of which make for a good game-watching atmosphere for a big group of guys.

    Anyone else? I'm curious to see what I'm forgetting.

    1. Pappas Brothers. Reserve the fireplace room.

      1. You could go with Common Table and ask for the table with a private TV. It's a 6 top that has it's own TV, and they'll more than likely have the game tuned in as well. Downer is it's kinda a small table and a small TV.

        Other places you can try: Libertine, Vickery Park, Old Monk. These are all craft beer-focused bars with TV's, and they also happen to have good food.

        1. I second Common Table. The TV at that table is pretty small, but if the weather is nice, they should have the game on the big TVs outside on the patio.

          Pappas Bros is great, but it's quite a hike from downtown.

          1. The recs below are solid, but none of them are really downtown -- you'd need a car or cab for all of them. If you want to stay downtown, you could take the light rail (which is right next to your hotel) to the new Omni hotel (train stop right there, too). The Omni has a very good steakhouse (Bob's), although I don't know their TV resources. The Omni also has a sports bar with lots of large screens, but I haven't had the food there. I'd call the hotel and ask.

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              The steaks at Bob's Chophouse in the Omni are first rate.