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Apr 2, 2013 02:53 PM

El Habanero (Burien)

I'll throw out a second cold-call to Burien today:

El Habanero is self-billed as "Los Mejores Mariscos De Seattle." Certainly the offerings seem intriguing, especially tostadas de aguaschiles.

Any experiences?


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  1. No, but I live in the neighborhood and have been driving by it and wondering the same for years. I'm really looking forward to any reports.

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      Me too - also in the 'hood.

      Perhaps we should meet up for a CHOW lunch and give it a whirl?

      1. re: gingershelley

        I like it! If you want to email me at marymc at casagrdita dot com, let's plan this. Any other south-enders (or adventurous norteƱos! are welcome, too!

    2. I went today for lunch. The photgraphic menu is more extensive than what is visible online--and also different from the take-out menu. The featured dishes are quite innovative, ranging from molcajete aguachile to huge mixed seafood platters. Contrary to what I read online, I was told aguachile was not available in tostada format, only platillos (larger and more expensive). I had a tostada mixta of pulpo (octopus) and abulon (imitation abalone). A massive portion of chopped seafood mixed with tomato, cucumber and avocado for $8 (pictured).

      For best results, habla espanol. Will definitely be back to try some of the specials. Nothing else at all like this in SEA area that I know of.

      1. Another great find, Equinoise! I happened to be down in the area on Monday, so I hit it up and I loved it.

        I have to say, I was initially surprised by how (relatively) expensive the items were. Entrees start at about $13 and get pretty high with some of the more elaborate seafood preparations. I'd be curious how many of the fancy $25-$40 plates they sell (I assume these are intended to be shared) . Even the tostadas at $8 seemed a little pricey for seafood on a fried tortilla.

        When I got my food though, the volume more than made up for it. I was there by myself and ended up ordering the Shrimp Costa Azul (Shrimp wrapped in Bacon) and the Octopus Tostada. The shrimp dish came with rice, greens, refried beans and potatoes, and as Equinoise posted, the tostada is huge. I consider myself a big eater, and this single meal lasted me for 3 meals. Honestly, one of the seafood tostadas could feed two people for lunch.

        I'm a little worried that this place is a little too different and out of the way for it to be successful. I hope I'm wrong...