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Apr 2, 2013 02:38 PM

Great coffee in DuPont Circle


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    1. re: jbeales

      I definitely agree with Jbeales (I'd recommend it, if I knew how). I especially recommend Filter. It's a bit on the small side, but the weather is warming up and there is some outdoor seating as well.

      Dolcezza has good espresso, but it's a bit more known for gelato. However, if you want that, then definitely go.

      1. re: pgm123

        Thanks all. I tried Filter and Dolcezza. I liked Filter better for the coffee but loved the gelato at Docezza.

        1. re: sku

          The hot chocolate at Dolcezza is really good, by the way -- better I think than their coffee.

    2. If you don't mind going a bit outside the immediate area of Dupont Circle, try Chinatown Coffee.