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Apr 2, 2013 02:35 PM

Great eats in Essex Inn area (800 Sth Michigan Drive)?

We're from Italy, but are curious to try Lou Malnati;s which looks quite near the hotel. Is the area ok after dark?
Which other places are musts - nothing expensive though. We want to try Lou Mitchell's on West Jackson Blvd on the day we set off along the Route 66. When is the best time to get there to find a table and avoid queues, or is that inevitable? How long do you normally have to wait? Thanks a lot.

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  1. Yes, the area is okay after dark. Of course, you would want to take the same precautions as you would anywhere, but it's reasonably safe, with a fair number of people walking around at night.

    A couple of other good places in that area include Mercat a la Planxa for tapas, and Bongo Room for breakfast.

    Lou Mitchell's is fairly large for a breakfast restaurant. I have never seen lines (queues) of people waiting to be seated there. But I have only been there on weekdays. I do not know whether they have lines on weekends (more likely on Sundays than Saturdays).

    1. After dinner, you might consider enjoying some music at Buddy Guy's, just a couple of blocks from your hotel.