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Apr 2, 2013 01:36 PM

Passover product fails. Haddar mayonnaisse.

I bought a squeeze bottle of Haddar mayonnaisse. It visually looked fine in the bottle, but the moment it hit the matzah, it turned back into oil. A matzah sandwich isn't all that great to start with, but this was just disgusting. (a choice between a completely dry sandwich and one with oil dripping through the holes of the matzah. fortunately, i had ripe avocados ready to replace the stuff)

This was actually worse than the Manischevitz breakfast/energy bars I bought a number of years ago that tasted like bubble gum.

Not sure what brands I've bought before, but I'll avoid Haddar in the future.

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  1. Well, not a commercial product, but my local butcher, whose cooke take-out food is usually fine (not great, but good enough in a pinch), was selling fried eggplant slices.
    I bought them, thinking I'd make moussaka or eggplant parmesan or something, and save myself a step.
    Ugh, vile.
    I don't know what they used for the breading - as I think about it, it was probably potato starch, not matzoh meal, because it was very pale. But that wasn't the problem. I think it had to be the oil. Don't get me wrong - I'm sorry to admit that I'm a big fan of fried food, but this tasted just horrible, and the greasiness had a weird texture.
    I threw it all out. Lesson learned.

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      I used the Jeff Nathan Gluton Free Panko Crumbs to make eggplant parmesan and was very impressed with how well it worked. It was close to being indistinguishable from my non KP eggplant parm.

      1. re: chazzer

        I used it also. I bought the unseasoned and seasoned myself. I used the crumbs on chicken cutlets, on baked tilapia, and mixed with Parmesan on roasted veggies. was very happy with the product, but it was costly.

    2. My product fail for Pesach was the Blanchard "Israeli couscous". It was just pieces of matzo shaped like little puffs. It came out watery. I had also had the Pereg passover couscous, which was excellent, albeit more expensive.

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        The potato starch couscous was surprisingly good.

      2. my guess is it was improperly stored. if mayonnaise freezes it breaks. so its probably not the product but the store or distributor, its pretty unlikely that a mass produced processed product like that is at fault.

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        1. re: Moishefrompardes

          Hmmmm...that is possible. I was stuck in a hotel for passover and the room fridge was colder than I realized.

          On a plus note, the Galil multi-berry preserves was good on a lot of levels. I'd buy it year-round.

        2. I also bought Haddar in a squeeze bottle, the lite version. Mine was fine.

          1. MANISCHEWITZ 16 oz mayo was liquidy----last year Lieber's mayo was great---it did not seperate as most tend to do 2-5 days after pesach!!!!!

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            1. re: joebenjamin

              The Gefen wasn't too bad but it was three times the price of Best Foods. Plain Dannon yogurt was a good substitute for putting on salmon, and tuna salad can be half yogurt half mayo.