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Apr 2, 2013 01:29 PM

kimchee in Edinburgh?

where can I find kimchee in Edinburgh?

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      1. re: rnadelhaft

        All four (I think) chinese supermarkets in Edinburgh I've been in have kimchee, therefore I'm guessing all of them will stock it.

    1. I typed "Edinburgh Korean Shops" into google and got two interesting looking restaurants and a couple of supermarkets.

      1. I googled it too and came across a Korean society at Edinburgh Uni -- I am sure those Korean students have a supply, either locally or importing direclty (in which case maybe they're cut you in)?

        Email them from this link:

        Or you could've just googled this yourself I guess and came to the same conclusions as we have.

        1. All the asian supermarkets sell the Chongga brand in several different flavours and sizes.

          There are also two Korean restaurants, Kim mini meals in the southside and Shilla on Dundas st.

          I reckon Shilla is better but neither are that great. Someone open a decent Korean BBQ place soon!