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Apr 2, 2013 01:23 PM

good eats in Anaheim near the Anaheim Marriott

I will be attending a conference there this weekend,and will be looking for places for dinner. I have seen this thread: and am wondering if there are any updates, or new suggestions. Not looking for fine dining so much as good food and the ability to seat 6-8 people together-Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Do you have cars and willing to drive 10 to 15 minutes?

    My suggestion would be The Playground in Santa Ana. They have great food, excellent laid back atmosphere and good place for large parties to share.

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      thanks, some will have a car, or we can take a taxi


      The Ranch in Anaheim is not far away. Great food and reviews to support it.

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          +1 for The Ranch Restaurant (not the adjacent Ranch Saloon).

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            Can you describe the Ranch restaurant further ?

            I keep hearing great notices about it but not the why, though the favorable reviews keep coming from OCers primarily.

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              The Ranch is a pretty large American restaurant run by professionals who have been in the business a long time. They lean towards meat on the menu, which is of very high quality. The wine list is the work of their master sommelier Michael Jackson, and needless to say is superb. The food, cocktails, wine and service are all first rate. If I were to say anything negative about the restaurant, it would be about the can be pretty noisy, and it's sort of like a more upscale Houston's. The food and service are very good, and for Anaheim, it's probably as good as your likely to find.

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                Well said josephnl. While waiting at a train crossing today near The Ranch I read your post and have to add that the location can really be deceiving. It is truly in an industrial/office area near a lumberyard and railroad tracks! Don't let the location scare you off. The restaurant has a local garden not far away for truly fresh produce, too.

        2. i'll let you know what we find!

          1. Probably more exotic than you're looking for but if you want great Arabic food, Olive Tree is nearby. Their daily specials are all fantastic and not stuff you'll find many other places.

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              actually that sounds right up my alley!

            2. Well, Anaheim near Disneyland is.....interesting. Didn't follow any suggestions here for various reasons but ate adequately none the less. First night the group really wanted to go to the Disney street, outside of Disney land, and we had pizza outside at a restaurant called Napoli's I believe. The pizza wasn't bad, prices weren't too overpriced, it didn't suck. Next night just ate at the hotel restaurant, Casa del sol at the Anaheim Marriott. It was pretty good, had wild mushroom ravioli in brown butter sage sauce. Again, adequate, certainly wouldn't go out of my way to eat there, but after a long busy day it was nice to not have to go out anywhere. Last night was the best, we ate at an Indian restaurant called Gandhi's Palace I believe, in a nearby motel. It was very decent Indian food at very reasonable prices. Mostly Indian customers, seems to be off the beaten path for the hordes visiting Disney, even though it is just down the street from Disney and the convention center. This is the land of chain restaurants and masses of people, definitely not an area I would seek out, but enjoyed my meals there nonetheless.