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Apr 2, 2013 12:35 PM

Good Girls Go to Paris [DTW]

Visiting Wayne State today, so I thought I'd try this place....heard so much about it. Not very good! First of all, it was filthy. The floors needed a good scrubbing, the ladies room looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a week. Service was slow. My coffee was tepid. We'd ordered a chicken and broccoli crepe that was okay, kind of bland, and a peach one that had canned cling peaches and large chunks of cream cheese that wasn't sweetened or anything - it was gross. And it was expensive for what you got - lunch for 2 for $25. Did I just catch it on a bad day?

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  1. Is this place near TJ And Smug on Cass? I went to Wayne but got my degree 15 years ago, so I really don't go back there.

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    1. re: syrup09

      No, its on Woodward in the Park Shelton building

    2. I don't know - I went once, a few weeks ago, on the way to the DIA. Had a tepid, acidic coffee and an OK crepe (the butter/sugar/lemon one). It was OK but also gave me no reason to return for something like $7 for a crepe and coffee.

      1. I'm glad you folks are letting me in on this! This is a place that both Donna and I were interested in going to, and now that we're hearing this, it's off the list.

        I wonder what's happened? It sure took off like a rocket...and now it appears that it's tragically exploded in the same way.

        1. No, it's gone downhill. It was good at the start, but they've lost interest. I've had better luck with Le Petit Zinc for crepes.

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          1. re: Jim M

            Do they have buckwheat crepes?

            1. re: missmind

              I don't think they do, but I could be wrong.

              1. re: missmind

                No, but let petit zinc had then when I was there last. It was way better.