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Apr 2, 2013 12:31 PM


I'm planning to visit Vancouver for the first time from New York. I'm looking for restaurants whose chefs use fresh locally sourced ingredients somewhat creatively. Also, we'd prefer fish and vegetables more than meat - so don't want steakhouses.

I want a great Pacific Northwest experience - I don’t want Mexican or to go to Market - I have Jean George in NY.

Any help will be appreciated!

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  1. Lots of options here based on your stated preferences if albeit a bit too general. Perhaps previous enquiries from fellow NYC-ers would line up with your perspectives and help point you in the right directions:

    1. Yew (seafood focus)

      Lift (now that Chef Alvarez is at the helm)

      L'Abattoir (somewhat meat centric...but does have a few seafood options that are quite good


      Diva - I'm a recent convert after having Chef Hamid's mind-altering Persian tasting menu. The regular menu is much less adventurous...but still quite good. They even use the word "Cascadia" in their description. (I have to add that the term "Pacific Northwest food" isn't that meaningful here.)

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        I've enjoyed every meal at Yew; mostly brunch/lunch. But Aussie son-in-law was also duly impressed by the offerings. Oh, and wine specials on Sundays :)

      2. Edible Canada Bistro (on Granville Island in the middle of False Creek) offers a PNW experience, whatever that is these days ;-)

        1. As mentioned we never really refer to here as PNW that is an American term which is not very relevant for us

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              It's on the Pacific, in the North and on the West. No need to apologize :)

              1. re: vegan73

                ...... in relation to the Lower 48 states ;-)

                We could also call our cuisine Cascadian :-)

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Regardless of what wiki says, we are western Canadian , just"west coast" before PNW

            2. Allcaps is so...90s AOL Online...

              I would recommend Fable on West 4th (