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Mar 27, 2001 02:20 PM

BBQ close to Houston

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I was reading the James Beard Foundation award nominees, and I saw that a barbecue story from the Houston Press was nominated. I've included a link to the story below. BTW, The Press had 2 of the 3 nominations for the category "Newspaper Feature Writing without Recipes".

There's an associated top 10 places within an hour of downtown Houston (I'm guessing he means with no rush hour because some of the places are a bit away). It's URL is:

I haven't been to most of these places so I can't vouch for the quality of the 'cue. I've been to Doziers and New Zion, and I was not overly impressed, but I was only there once and you can never judge a 'cue place on one visit...

Anyway, it's a good article to read, and congratulations to the Houston Press for publishing great food writing.



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  1. Thanks much, Carter. Can't wait to sit down and read this tonight. You got some good eyes, friend.


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      williams smoke house on wheatly....also make great beef roomm for the peach cobbler...and don't try it 1st week july-they take vacation