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Apr 2, 2013 11:41 AM

BOSTON MARKET has Ribs now?

has anyone tried them yet?

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  1. They actually LOOK good, though a little oversauced for my taste.

    Maybe I'll convince the wife for a BM trip this week. Hmm.. that doesn't sound very good. Ah, well.

    A half rack of ribs is $2.00 more at $12.99? Why would anyone get a quarter rack?

    1. They have them for summer I guess, they were not bad.

      1. I liked Boston Chicken better.

        1. I didn't know there were still any Boston Markets. Where are they? East Coast?

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          1. re: bbqboy

            a lot more than east coast, there ae 21 units in greater Chicago

            1. re: bbqboy

              We've got a few in TX. I just re-discovered them one rough Sunday night after work..... chix, mac'n'chz, and a pretty representin pecan pie. Plus they gave a $3 coupon for signing up online and maybe a b-day gift.

              Prob won't try the ribs but they can provide a reasonable takeaway in a hurry.

              Here's the states map:

              1. re: DuchessNukem

                thanks. I thought they had gone out of business except for the
                frozen food aspect. I gotta get out more. :)