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Apr 2, 2013 11:39 AM

Stella 34

This is the new high-end Italian restaurant on the 6th floor of Macy's in Herald Square. Anyone been yet? Husband and I are going for lunch this Sunday. A friend whose partner is a chef and was born in Sicily and lived in Rome for many years says it was wonderful.

About executive chef Jarett Appell (from the site):

"Appell has collaborated in the kitchen of Lincoln Ristorante with his peer, Jonathan Benno, executive chef of Lincoln Ristorante, to develop the Neapolitan dishes featured at Stella 34 Trattoria. “Stella 34 Trattoria showcases my deep study of kitchens and pizzerias in Rome, Parma, Cattolica, Naples and my work with New York’s best chefs, ”adds Appell."

Sounds promising.

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  1. Went last Thursday for dinner. The room is beautiful--pulsating with NYC energy. Pizzas and pastas feature creative ingredient combinations; service is friendly, and the gelato is the best I've tasted in NYC. Macy's has opened a fashionable and stunning restaurant with terrific food. By far, NYC's best in-store dining.

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      Thanks for your reply. I have been in the room while at Macy's but not eaten there yet. It is indeed beautiful. It's about time Macy's made use of the prime real estate they own and opened up the windows so that people can enjoy the views!

    2. Anyone been? We have a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it. I find it a welcome spot in what is a bit of a wasteland called Herald Square.

      1. After a morning in the fashion district, my family and I stopped in Stella 34 for lunch yesterday. We've already experienced the gelato shop and take out lunch menu several times. This time we sat in the dining room.

        Let me start off by saying, the cocktails are superb!

        We ordered two pizzas: Neapolitan & Cauliflower/Lemon, one side of arancini balls, one side of lamb meatballs, one side of grilled octopus and beet/bean salad, one tossed green salad, a cheese/meat plate of five cheeses and sliced salami, one roasted chicken with Yukon potato entree, six cocktails followed by coffee, espresso and gelato/sorbet for everyone: we selected pistachio, hazelnut, mocha, pear sorbet, dark chocolate.

        We shared everything family style and spent over an hour eating and drinking there. The dining room is comfortable, the staff super friendly and helpful, the restrooms are beautiful (counts!) and the food was wonderful.

        With tip, $240.00. I completely forgot I was sitting in the back side of a department store! The place was filled with customers and customers waiting for a table. The gelato bar and take out area equally a buzz. Nice big windows and a lovely view.

        Stella 34 T appears to be a popular destination off the sheet & bedding department of the 6th floor.