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Apr 2, 2013 11:20 AM

J. Pace's new restaurant in Saugus- Rosaria's?

I have a sense this will not be an especially chowish find but given the love from this board of J. Pace generally perhaps I will be wrong. Anyone been?

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    1. re: ebpizza

      Oh, geez, I am sure it was just a big misunderstanding............

    2. judging from the lack of posts and no website it ain't looking good.In my eyes their stores are overpriced for what they carry and I expect this restaurant to be the same

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      1. re: fatbonz

        I used to shop at Pace all the time. As long as I avoided the register where / if the old man was working. But after the Big Dig, I walked in and said out loud what the heck have you done? They took all the charm out of the place. At first, they were so tone deaf to their old market they didn't even have baccala out. I'm not saying anything bad about what they sell and they have tried to make the place more appealing but I question their judgement and have never thought of them the same.