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Apr 2, 2013 11:20 AM

El Pique (Burien)

Any experiences with this Peruvian/Mexican in Burien? The restaurant site claims it opened in 2011, though I had not heard of it and no media reviews were immediately apparent (though Yelp is generally positive).

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  1. That one, I can tell you something about. I went in once, a few months ago--I think it was a Saturday afternoon--and had the place to myself. The staff actually seemed startled to see me. They were helpful and capable enough, and the food (I ordered from the Mexican part of the menu--don't remember much about the Peruvian items, but they didn't grab me) was okay, but there's much better Mexican food in Burien.

    The place mainly consists of a large dance floor, with tables around the sides. I think it must be mainly a dance club, and most of their business is in the evenings. Probably a fun place to go dancing, if that's your thing, but I wouldn't go back for the food.