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Apr 2, 2013 10:52 AM

Need suggestions some moderate priced local restaurants

We have eaten at most of the more expensive restaurants in NO during our visits, but this time would like to eat at some local restaurants with more moderate prices, but authentic good cooking. We won't have our car this time so can't go too far away, but can take streetcar, cab, etc. Thanks for any recs

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  1. Boucherie on Jeannette near Carrollton Ave. Everyone in our party loved the food. Excellent service as well. More lively than quiet but comfortable and pleasant overall. They really deserve more love and attention on these boards. More than I can say about some of the other pricier alternatives...

    1. With the right timing you can do that at Dominica. A street car will get you to Mandina's and a short walk from N.O.Pie and Sausage on Banks Street. A block either way on Carrilton off Canal gets you to a number of places.They aren't first tier, or some not second tier, but they are places with good food, some of them falling into the "ethnic" category.

      You can walk to Two Sisters Kitchen for a soul food lunch.

      1. The aforementioned Mandina's, Katies in the Carrollton area, Liuzza's has two locations,
        Johnny's PoBoys in the FQ, Parkway Tavern, to name a few.
        Magazine Street has a plethora of great restaurants.

        1. Cafe Reconcile, 1631 OC Haley Blvd. Lunch only, weekdays:
          Sammy's Food Service for poboys, etc:
          Charlie's Seafood: http://www.charliesseafoodrestaurant....
          Crabby Jack's: