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Need suggestions some moderate priced local restaurants

We have eaten at most of the more expensive restaurants in NO during our visits, but this time would like to eat at some local restaurants with more moderate prices, but authentic good cooking. We won't have our car this time so can't go too far away, but can take streetcar, cab, etc. Thanks for any recs

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  1. Boucherie on Jeannette near Carrollton Ave. Everyone in our party loved the food. Excellent service as well. More lively than quiet but comfortable and pleasant overall. They really deserve more love and attention on these boards. More than I can say about some of the other pricier alternatives...

    1. With the right timing you can do that at Dominica. A street car will get you to Mandina's and a short walk from N.O.Pie and Sausage on Banks Street. A block either way on Carrilton off Canal gets you to a number of places.They aren't first tier, or some not second tier, but they are places with good food, some of them falling into the "ethnic" category.

      You can walk to Two Sisters Kitchen for a soul food lunch.

      1. The aforementioned Mandina's, Katies in the Carrollton area, Liuzza's has two locations,
        Johnny's PoBoys in the FQ, Parkway Tavern, to name a few.
        Magazine Street has a plethora of great restaurants.

        1. Cafe Reconcile, 1631 OC Haley Blvd. Lunch only, weekdays: http://www.foodtrucksmap.com/nyc/
          Sammy's Food Service for poboys, etc: http://sammysfood.com/
          Charlie's Seafood: http://www.charliesseafoodrestaurant....
          Crabby Jack's: http://crabbyjacksnola.com/

            1. A few places that fit your description (that I've eaten at in the past couple of weeks -- there are scores of places like these, it's hard to pick just a few):

              EAT -- http://eatnola.com/

              Suis Generis -- http://www.suisgeneris.com/

              Toups Meatery -- http://www.toupsmeatery.com/

              Bacchanal -- http://www.bacchanalwine.com/

              Killer Poboys -- http://killerpoboys.com/

              And in the surprisingly good category: the eggs benny at Buffa's Sunday brunch.

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                Thanks to everyone for the wonderful list of suggestions of moderately priced restaurants. Now I can do research on your suggestions and narrow it down. We will be there a week, so plenty of eating to be done.

              2. I just went to Apolline on Magazine. Delicious and decently priced. Also a fan of Rue 21, although I can't remember if it's "New Orleans" food.

                1. Thought of more!
                  Dante's Kitchen is a local favorite, along with Matt & Naddy's, and Dick & Jennys. These are all along the river in Uptown through to the Riverbend area - all cab-worthy.
                  Cochon is in the Warehouse District.
                  Root is getting a lot of attention, also in the Warehouse District.
                  Superior Seafood has a great Happy Hour, and that's just a streetcar ride away. Delicious discounted frozen mojitos and $.25 raw oysters.
                  Have you tried Jacquimo's? Many out-of-towners are in the loop now about this gem. You can get there via streetcar... normally*
                  * Streetcar tracks are under construction, so it's not running it's whole St. Charles/Carrollton route.

                  I'd say they're probably all in the moderate sector if you could Stella's and Commander's Palace in the "expensive". About $15-$25 a plate.

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                    Thanks for the additional ideas. I've heard of Jacquimos, but never been. Hopefully the streetcar will be running all the way in 3 weeks when we arrive for Jazz Fest. My H and son will be very excited about the oyster price at SS. thanks

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                      Also, commander's a la carte dinner entrees are about 35 each. Although the fixed price meals at commander's can be a great deal. Stella's gone to a choice between a four course fixed price (85) and a 7 course fixed price (125).

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                        I'm very confused about this comment. I was stating that the $15-$25 was where most of my suggestions sit. Commander's would be more than that, and expensive.

                        I will state that I've never been to Root, but at $30 an entree, still sits close to my statement of $15-$25 a plate.

                        Luci2123 is welcome to research further by googling menus to look at other things like appetizers and cocktails.

                        Why the nit-picking?

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                        I wouldn't call Root moderately priced. Starters average about 15 and entrees about 30. Throw in desserts at 9 each and a bottle of wine, and you're getting up there. Not knocking it. I love it, but not sure if op'd agree it's moderately priced.

                      3. THANKS AND TRIP REPORT Just wanted to report back to thank all the Chowhounders for their suggestions for moderate priced, local or neighborhood restaurants. Sorry if this is too longwinded, but I really want to share our delectable journey. We did a week in NO starting with the first weekend of Jazz Fest. Our flight arrived at 7 AM on Friday and we took a cab in to town with a cab driver who was actually from NO and could qualify for as a Reader's Digest "Most Unforgettable Character". After leaving our luggage, we walked to the Ruby Slipper for breakfast. Lunch for the first 3 days was of course numerous delicious items at the Fest. We were exhausted from the early flight in and JF and my guys needed a LA oyster fix, so we decided on Felix's for the first night. We ended up with a box to take home--thank goodness for the fridge in the condo. Next morning we had a light bite in the condo and then off to the Fest for lunch (and music of course). For dinner we took the streetcar up to Mandina's and it was great. We had a drink with some locals while we waited and then ordered a fried shrimp and a fried oyster dinner. There was so much food we took a box home (#2) and the prices were very reasonable. Next day was a continental jazz brunch at the condo and then off to the Jazz "mud" Fest. That night we wanted to go to Frenchmen St. and both places I wanted to try were done serving ( Maison - unless we paid $20 cover each to go in and order food because the show was going to start or Adolfos) so we stumbled on Melange "speakeasy". The food was actually quite good even though I had not heard of it from Chowhound and as usual took home a box (#3). It rained off and on (heavy) every day from that Sunday until we left on Friday, but we were not deterred. On Monday morning we headed to Somethin Else Cafe, but there was line, so we walked a little further to the Café Conti. It was very uncrowded, served a great café au lait and crepes. We did the tourist thing and took the riverboat tour and walked around the quarter. Dinner that night was at Bachannal--what an experience!! The food was very good, but the whole evening was just one of those times that you won't soon forget. We shared a table with folks from Canada and Calif., talked Jazz Fest and consumed 2 bottles of wine--thank goodness for taxis. On Tuesday we rented a car and drove in the rain out River Road toward all of the refineries and the plantations because my son had never been out there, but stopped first at Crabby Jack's where we had a regular size oyster and shrimp po boys--I can't imagine what the large size could be like because these were absolutely HUGE and -- you must know by now -- box #4 of leftovers left with us. On the way back into town we went to what has to be the best deal in NO-- $.50 oysters at Superior Seafood on Napoleon. My H is forever thankful to the person who shared this secret. They were huge and ice cold. We went back again on Wed. too while we had the car. Tuesday night we went to EAT Nola and I think that it was probably my favorite dinner place-I had a pan sautéed redfish with a sauce--very good. My son had barbecue shrimp that was also terrific. We brought our own bottle of wine and there no cork fee for the first bottle.The next morning we drove to the Buttermilk Drop Bakery and got some Drops and a bearclaw (recommended by a local in line behind us) and then made a rainy sojurn across the lake to visit the Abita Brewery with my son who is a homebrewer. While the tour was informative, but short, the highlight (at least for my son) is that they let you pour your own beer from all of the taps. That night we ate at the Praline Connection (recommended by our cab driver) and ate wonderful home cooking like fried chicken, greens and beans and rice--and took home box #5 full of fried chicken livers. Afterward went to the Spotted Cat and saw a group that played on the Gentilly Stage the next day. On Thursday my son went back to the Fest and we had to return the car. We planned to go to Katie's which said it was open for breakfast, but when we got there it didn't open until 11, so we didn't get to try it. We had to return the car and decided to go out to Magazine St. on the streetcar for the ride while it wasn't raining and go to Casamento's where we had eaten last year. We didn't make it there because we had to walk past Le Petite Grocery I had just read in the paper that day that the chef had gotten a James Beard nomination-- fish and chips was grouper and a fantastic burger for a change. It was a little pricier than most lunch places, but very good food. After being rained on off and on all afternoon we took the bus back to FQ and called Vacherie to see if they would let us bring our own wine as we had a white and a pinot noir that were only partially drank and were leaving the next day. We told them that we had been to Café Conti and EAT and they said bring the wine. They only charged us 1 cork fee since it was 2 half drank bottles--that's nice. I had rabbit cassoulet, H had oysters Rockefeller and son had the duck breast--all was very good. We went home and shared some sweets that I got at the Southern Praline store that morning. The next day was our final meal in NO and we did breakfast at Somethin Else Café which was fantastic especially the huge homemade biscuit with honey butter. What about all of those boxes of leftovers? Luckily we had my son and his friend along, so they would snack on all of the leftovers when they came back in from the Bourbon St. stroll each night, so nothing went to waste. I was afraid that SW Airlines was going to charge me excess baggage fees for all of the extra body weight that I gained while there, but it was worth every calorie. Thanks to all the Chowhounders who gave us these wonderful ideas.

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                          Thanks for the review and the perserverance in the rain that week. You really made great use of your time here.