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Apr 2, 2013 10:48 AM

Suggestions for 40th birthday party

Hi everyone,

(I've searched for relevant threads but haven't found anything on point so am creating a new post - would welcome relevant threads if you know of them :-)) I'm turning 40 and want to put together a fun, different, relaxed dinner experience for friends, preferably in a semi-private space. It will be about 20-40 people (sorry for the big spread, have no idea what headcount will be) all in their 30's and 40's and I'll need to ask guests to pay their own way so prefer a prix fixe ($40-$50/head, not including alcohol). I'm looking for a place with a fun atmosphere, preferably one where we could dance afterwards. I've looked at Sammy's and Mehanata and they're not quite right - I need to take it one small notch down. Flexible regarding food type but prefer Israeli/middle eastern, mexican, korean or something healthy -- not a big pork eater and can't do the raw fish thing. Any suggestions would be welcome!

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  1. Check out Antibes on the Lower East Side - they do a lot of buyouts / big parties there, don't know party prices but the menu prices are pretty reasonable. It's Provencal style cooking (as the name would suggest) but the owners are Israeli so there are little Middle Eastern touches. No dance floor, but you're on the LES so lots of places to go afterwards.

    1. Antibes is a good suggestions, and you might also consider Los Feliz. I've only been there for happy hour drinks and snacks at the bar, so I can't say how it is later on, but they have a dance floor and private rooms and the party menu is in your price range. I quite liked the food and cocktails - it's fancy Mexican. Also, Black Hole Sun was playing when I walked in, which pleased me.

      1. smallh and sgordon, thank you for these reccs! I've made a reservation at Antibes - well be sure to report back regarding the food. Any dish recommendations?

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          I've only been to Antibes once, and I had the trout, which I found a bit bland - here's an old-ish thread about the place: