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Apr 2, 2013 09:57 AM

NYC Girls First Time in New Orleans - Suggestions Needed

Hello! We're three 28 year old NYC girls headed down to NOLA May 9th-13th and need some help! We've never been to New Orleans before so we're looking food suggestions and watch outs!

We're staying in the French Quarter but are willing to go anywhere for good food! We'll need Breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner everyday. We're open to eating anything but would love some recommendations for the best Po Boys, Muffalettas, Jambalaya, etc if you have them!

We'd love to make a few dinner reservations and love all kinds of foods! If you have any bar/night life suggestions we'd love to hear those as well!! Thanks!!!

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  1. I'll just stick to the Muffaletta request and I'm sure someone will offer an alternate that they think is better, but every time I visit NOLA going back to 1968, I head directly to The Central Grocery. The lines can be long at lunchtime, but since a muffaletta needs time for the flavors to marry, I suggest picking it up around 10AM and by the time you're ready to eat the sandwich will be ready too. It's a treat!

    1. Breakfast/Brunch Commander’s Palace, Surrey’s, Cafe Atchafalaya, Dante’s Kitchen
      Snacks/pastries/desserts Cafe du Monde, La Boulangerie, Sucre
      Lunch Cochon Butcher, Parkway, Restaurant August, Coop’s
      Dinner Herbsaint, R’Evolution, Root, Jacques Imos
      Nightlife Three Muses, DBA, Cure and Thursday night at Vaughn’s for Kermit Ruffins

      I know you all don’t agree on Jacques Imos, but 28-year old women from NYC will love it. Go to Mapleleaf afterward for live music. Or hit the Oak Wine Bar for cocktails.

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        Agree [pretty much] with shanefink and would add a few more.

        Although I am not 28, my NOLA resident daughter is -- and she would ditto these for first timers. Also she would now have many more local happy hour suggestions but that is a different subject:

        In/near the quarter:

        *Cafe Beignet on Royal for Beignets
        *Johnny's for Po-Boys, although I am very excited about Killer Po-boys @ the back of Erin Rose bar; trying next week!
        *EAT New Orleans - how fun for ya'll to BYOB and enjoy contemporary creole!
        *Mr. B's sit at the bar for 1.25 Bloody Mary's & gumbo or BBQ shrimp.
        *Domenica for 1/2 price pizza/wine Happy Hour 3-6 pm
        *Carousel Bar, great people watching etc.
        If you want a upscale, but affordable, FQ prix fixe lunch on Wed-Friday consider *Bayona's charming patio. [Photo]

        Outside of the quarter:
        St Charles Streetcar to Riverbend/Carrollton (perhaps by May it will run all the way?), and then choices of:

        *Plum Street Snoball
        *Maple Street has cute boutiques/bookstore/patisserie etc
        *Camellia Grill for unique greasiness/atmostphere
        *Nightlife as per shanefink above

        Great food spots worth the cab fare:

        *Coquette, Magazine Street
        *Maurepas Foods, Bywater
        *Parkway Bakery for Poboys, Mid-City

        Have fun!