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Apr 2, 2013 09:56 AM

Central Asian (Uzbek, Bukhari, Kyrgyz, etc) after Sandy

My husband and I have twice visited Central Asia. We're looking for plov and other Silk Road eats. We'd appreciate RECENT info about restaurants and take-out eateries.

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    1. Cafe Kashkar in Brighton Beach for Uzbeki/Uighur.

      1141 Brighton Beach Ave, between Brighton 14th St & Brighton 15th St

      1. I live walking distance from Rego Park. I am happy to report, nothing has changed: all favorites are as busy as ever. Please come and visit them.

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          Details, please!

          When we visited the Jewish sites in Bukhara, we were amused to see newsletters from Rego Park synagogues posted on the walls.

          1. re: CRF

            Never been to Rokhat, but then again I might know little about the Bukharan cuisine, I always rely on what friendly storekeepers report. :-)

            Salute is still considered the overall best restaurant: They have moved to a new location across the street.

            Arzu has the best lagman/noodle soup. Other dishes can be hit or miss, although they are usually hit-hit-hit if you happen to speak the language. :-) They can be very difficult for outsiders, but I do love the place.

            The Tandoori Bakery (aka The Chaikhana to locals) is very good too (excellent samsy, manty, and shashlyk, splendid, authentic salads), but you have to be aware of their sales techniques: get a Russian speaker--seriously, you won't regret it.