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Apr 2, 2013 09:54 AM

Italian Truffle Salt

In an article I read a couple of days ago there was a mention of something called "Italian Truffle Salt." It's apparently used as a finishing touch for a number of dishes.

Anybody know if it's available in Toronto? If so, where? Any brand which is especially authentic and reliable? Downtown preferably, as I don't have a car though I do use the TTC almost daily.

Apparently it's expensive. That, however, doesn't surprise me. Anything with the word "truffles" in the title is almost bound to be expensive.

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  1. It's usually available at Selsi Sea Rock on the lower level of St Lawrence Market. It's about $15 for a small jar, not overly expensive. Good on popcorn. They usually have two types, but I forget what the difference is.

    1. Hmm Not sure if it is still available at CostCo stores I got this as for about 22$ includes truffle oil as well (very potent)
      and am enjoying it so far.
      You can take TTC to the Wilson station for short walk or try the queens way location.

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      1. re: elvisahmed

        I just bought this at Costco Warden. It was on clearance for $14.97. 100ml oil, 40g salt.
        Product of Italy. Ingredients: Olive oil, flavouring, sea salt, black summer truffles.

        I'm guessing the "flavouring" is used in the oil instead of actual truffles (which is why a lot of people hate truffle oil), but I paid a similar price for just a bottle of PC Black Label truffle oil recently and thought it tasted decent.

        1. re: jl_1978

          Well I don't have much of a reference point for it. The Salt is quite good and I made the truffle popcorn with it a few times (salt for topping and butter infused with the oil)
          The dish was well liked though the attempt to replicate Gunther's (from Singapore) cold pasta with truffle and caviar didn't fare well.
          Let me know what you think

      2. Thanks, mbe, for your suggestion. I bought a jar earlier this afternoon at the very crowded St Lawrence Market. However, I should warn you and others that prices have increased considerably since you were last there with black truffle salt now at $25.00 for 100 grams and white truffle salt at $30.00. However, this is considerably better than Williams Sonoma who plan to charge $43.00 when their supplies arrive in May.

        1. I bought the 100g jar of Urbani white truffle salt when it was reduced to $7 at Costco.
          This stuff is very potent, even aggressive. A pinch is all that is needed for salads or sauces.
          There was a lot available at Costco, so it is worth looking for. The Urbani white truffle oil is also there, and not as strong. The two could be combined in a vinaigrette, not for the timid!

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          1. re: jayt90

            I believe I purchased the same one.

            I have a very sensitive nose, and something seems off about it!

            Have you tried the salt on its own? Do you get an off taste?

            Curious to hear other observations.

            1. re: Sadistick

              The salt on its own is too powerful for me, almost garlicky. When I use a pinch in a sauce or scrambled eggs, it settles down and has a umami effect. Using it is similar to adding fish sauce or chopped anchovy to western dishes: go easy on it! I could see inexperienced cooks or even chefs adding too much of it.
              I'll try popcorn as suggested in an earlier post.

              1. re: jayt90

                Love a pinch on French fries!!

                1. re: jayt90

                  I find it has almost a chemically taste to it on its own, and if you really take a deep whiff, you can detect hints as well. One of the ingredients is 'flavour' so I wonder what that eludes to...

            2. If you are lucky, you can find this on discounted price at Costco. I bought mine for $5.97 for an entire jar ... I saw this at the Etobicoke warehouse for $9.97. You can see specks of the truffles in the sale and it's quite flavourful. My significant other called it very strong. It's made in Italy. So far, my favourite has been on pasta carbonara.