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Help with Bloor West/High Park Restaurant Suggestions

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Not a Toronto native/resident, so I'd be grateful for some assistance... I'll be in town in April to celebrate a great milestone in my sister's life.

She and her spouse live in BWV and also have young children. We want to go out for a festive dinner, but not too far from their home in case the babysitter (or baby(ies)) has a meltdown. I'd think anywhere within 20 minutes or so of the Bloor/Windemere area would be ideal. (walking or driving)

We've enjoyed Dr. Generosity's in the past... but was hoping for something different. Price isn't an issue, and pretty open to cuisine... Just one exception - curries - be they Indian, Thai, Caribbean, Indonesian, etc... Even the smell puts my sister-in-law off...

Doesn’t have to be too upscale, but this is a celebration. Any suggestions you could share, I’d happily consider. Thanks for your time.

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  1. I had a really great meal and service recently at The Emerson at Bloor/Landsdowne. Its comfort food, but executed well and elevated a bit. d

      1. Camp on Jane is normally a brunch spot but does dinner Friday night. Cute place, good food, not expensive.

        1. I sense it doesn't get lotsa love on here, but I am a fan of the Kennedy for a celebration. Had birthday drinks and snacks there last month and it was a good time!

          1. What about an old-school steak house? Black Angus is just that. Nothing too flashy or fancy, just great steaks. Not overly expensive, but you can spend a fair deal.

            Roughly Bloor and Islington.

            1. Earth Bloor has the special occasion factor.

              1. I like going to Bloom www.bloomrestaurant.com
                or to Earth Bloor www.earthbloorwest.com

                Both are closed on Mondays, possibly Sunday evs too..

                1. 17 Steps is a great place. It's a restaurant & bar in an unlikely location -- a basement, right beside the Pizza Pizza, 1 block west of Runnymede -- walking distance from your corner.

                  I kick myself for not having checked it out years ago. I'm going there for dinner tonight.

                  Really nice, not-gloomy space, friendly service. Very good food. I recommend the goat ragout & the truffle frites; my vegetarian friend really liked the 3-cheese focaccia (grilled cheese sandwich++).

                  They have Rodney's oysters on Thursdays.

                  Love their brunch, as well.

                  1. In keeping with the 20min Baby or Babysitter meltdown parameter (between Jane & High Park):

                    - Kennedy
                    - 17 Steps
                    - Bloom
                    - Earth
                    - Queens Pasta
                    - Thai & Sushi
                    - Villa
                    - Green Mango
                    - Yumi
                    - Amber
                    - Dr Generosity

                    1. Queen Margherita pizza may also fit your request(Jane and Annette)

                      1. Thanks to all who took the time to reply. I found that the previous threads I had searched here offered more recommendations about places to avoid than seek out.

                        Funny place, Bloor West Village. Love the vibe and the shopping... great local specialized food shops, coffee and pastry places, florists, butchers... but not a lot in the way of up (or upper) scale eateries... (at least from my read of the place, which may be mistaken).

                        I'll happily research your suggestions and again, thank you.