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Apr 2, 2013 09:05 AM

Henri Le Roux Salted Butter Caramel (C.B.S.)

I hope someone in Tokyo can help me.

On a visit to Tokyo, I became addicted to the Henri Le Roux C.B.S. Tart which I bought on the food floor of the Isetan Department Store in the Shinjuku district. I have been able to locate the caramels (in France) but have not been able to locate the TART.

According to the Le Roux website, his products are made in France (Landévant) and exported to Japan – however, the C.B.S. Tart is not listed anywhere on the website. So it is possible that the caramel is shipped to Japan and the tart produced in Japan.

I have posted on the Chowhound ‘France’ site (without success), but rather than give up, I wonder if any Japan Chowhounds have the knowledge/wherewithal to discover whether the TART is an import, or perhaps made locally in Japan.

Can anybody help in my quest?


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  1. You can'f find the CBS tarts at Isetan Shinjuku anymore.. and in fact, the product changed 2 years ago and became a caramel flavored jelly and in a few month stopped. Now, Henri Le Roux branch store at Isetan is very small.. They used to have also a very good cacao sorbet..

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    1. re: Ninisix

      Thank you very much - that explains why I can't find it in France either.
      Now I have to search for a new favourite pastry!

    2. Yes, like Ninisix said, they aren't available anymore. The tart was just a seasonal / special product. I used to buy them when I still lived in Japan (until spring 2010), but when I returned in Feb/Mar 2012, they had already stopped selling them. I was very, very disappointed!

      They may bring it back eventually, they said, but who knows?

      You could buy the stuff in the jar and make your own tarts. It would require some doctoring, but it could be done.

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      1. re: prasantrin

        Thanks for the additional info.
        To my embarrassment, I didn't know that they had the caramel in jars - completely missed it when I searched their website.
        For sure, I'll pick some up in Paris - whether it lasts long enough to return to Canada will be the big question (I start my trip in Paris, but don't return there - 7 days in and around Lyon).
        My disappointment has turned to hope!

        1. re: estufarian

          If you were really thankful, you'd bring me some back, too! (ha ha!)

          1. re: prasantrin

            Of course, I'm really thankful that it was your original post(s) that alerted me to the tart in the first place. Regardless of whether a jar manages to survive the journey, let me know if you make it to Toronto. I'm sure I can find 'something' to share!