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Apr 2, 2013 08:40 AM

April 18-20 weekend breakfast/lunch suggestions

Coming to NOLA, I have dinner reservations at Arnaud's, Mr. B's and Borgne. I was going to play breakfast and dinner by ear, just walk around and find places to eat. Staying at the Hilton on St. Charles St. Is this a bad idea? A lot of posts on this board seem to indicate lunch reservations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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  1. My immediate thought is that you are right there with Luke in the hotel and that is convenient. A bit pricey but not a bad spot. If tyou are alone you should not have trouble with a table just about anywhere inasmuch as you are between the FQ Festival and the Jazz Festival. Friday might be a problem so far as lunch goes but I doubt it. And Luke will take you anytime. Oysters there are good and the meat products are quite decent.

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      Is Friday Lunch a big deal in NOLA? I have no clue. Also, other posts I read talk about lines out the door of some places, like Cochon Butcher, where I really want to go. Is this typical or only during events in the city?

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        I have not had trouble at Cochon Butcher but I am not there often nor at peak times. Someone who goes more regularly that I do can help. I usually have that stuff in my freezer from road trips.

        As far as Friday being a big deal, the famous lunch is Galatoire's and that is partly because the place remains open. Arnaud's and Antoine's and Commanders will let the regulars run a bit long but it really is rude to extend lunch beyond the time the staff wants to get out. MAndina's will have lingerers as will neighborhood joints. I don't know that Friday is bigger in NOLA than anywhere else: I've seen people sit in hotel bars in many cities throughout the afternoon.

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          Popular places in the CBD/FQ are popular. You will probably have no problem but it might ease things if you start before 1200 or after 1:00 PM

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            Reservations are always a good idea in this city and they are FREE. For breakfast in the CBD, there is Red Gravy on Camp, EATat Dauphine and Dumaine, The Coffee Pot in the FQ on St. Peter, I think. It is hard for me to do three New Orleans meals a day, but if you can do it, more power to you. Just pack a mumu or sansabelt pants :-)

        2. Being spontaneous in New Orleans is lovely, and you will find some great places, but I would suggest reservations for the higher end spots, and certainly if you are going to do a Saturday upscale brunch.

          Bayona is a gem in the French Quarter; siting out on their patio for lunch is inspiring. I see they have the Wed/Thurs/Friday three course ooh-la-la lunch for $24. I would reserve that ASAP, for a lovely experience:

          Other great lunch spots that are very different from your dinner choices, and walkable, are EAT New Orleans (mentioned below) and Domenica, which has lovely pasta and salads, in addition to their well-loved pizza. And Luke, as per hazelhurst. I am one of the rare eaters on these boards who was/is highly underwhelmed by both Cochon Butcher and Cochon. Been to Butcher twice and the only thing I loved was the braised brussel sprouts.

          If you need additional breakfast/snack options consider Cafe Beignet on Royal, or Something Else on Conti both in the heart of the Quarter.

          I am in town the same weekend -- and completely planned/ reserved for my eats -- but it is fun to be spontaneous, as well. However, I heartily recommend that 3-course special on the patio at Bayona. Very memorable!

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            Thank you for a great reply. Butcher is a must for me, I saw it on TV and I'm completely sold. I just want to walk around the city and eat good creole food, like po boys, steamed crawfish, gumbos, and whatever else the city has to offer. They don't have to be sit down places or fancy places since I've got those reserved for the evenings, I want to eat NOLA.