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Apr 2, 2013 08:28 AM

When do you break Passover (and what are you going to have)!?!?

Assuming you follow the KLP rules, do you wait for sundown tonight? Just "sometime after lunch today" as per some members of my family? "Dinner time", which is my rule?

I know we're going out for pizza tomorrow, don't know what's for dinner tonight. Give me some suggestions!

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  1. I wait until after sundown and usually pizza or cereal -

    1. Sundown. Pizza.

      My sweet dh thought it ended yesterday and brought me home a treat. That I couldn't eat :)

      1. Sundown and Pizza, my 11 year old daughter has started the countdown to pizza already

        1. Sundown and matzah pizza. My daughters' bedtime was 7pm, so we just had dinner together.

          1. In this heavily reform/conservative area, there's a local (non-kosher) pizza place which is mobbed every year. People on line saying "my rabbi said 8:15." "My rabbi say 8:10." I always wonder if the workers there have the date circled on their calendar.