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Milt's BBQ for the Perplexed in Chicago -

This aired over the weekend - looks very good!


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  1. Looks like a great addition to your community.....but nu....how's the que? Pix please!

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      I have been trying to get there - the reviews on Yelp have been good - usual complaints about price -

      1. Finally made it Milt’s and it was well worth the wait! The meal was excellent – We arrived just after a private party and were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they shifted from the Bar Mitzvah party to a functioning restaurant. The service was excellent. I had the smoked brisket chili, chicken tenders, the Milt Burger and split a slab of ribs – here is the run down:

        Smoked Brisket Chili - This was excellent – the brisket was nice and shredded with the right amount of heat and beans – only thing that would have made better would have been some bread to scoop out the little drips on the bottom of the bowl.

        Chicken Tenders – These were good but the other things I had were better – these would have been better if they had not been overcooked.

        Milt Burger – I have to say this was the best burger I have had at a restaurant – the combination of the fried onions, chili, and beef bacon with bbq aioli was amazing! It burger cam with a side of fries which I had replaced with house made sweet potato fries that were superb especially when dipped into their apple catsup – this was the highlight of the meal.

        Slab of Ribs – cooked to perfection – the meat nice and tender and easily pulled off the bones. The rub was not overpowering – the ribs were served with a trio of sauces on the side – a house sauce that was tomato based with a nice touch of heat, a Carolina mustard based sauce that was nice and tangy and a KC sauce nice and sweet. The ribs were a close to second to the Milt Burger/

        In short Milt's is definitely in the top tier of restuarants in Chicago if not the US -

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          How jealous am I. Thank G-d i've got family in Chicago -- next visit I'll be splitting my time between here and Romanian Kosher.

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            If you want to throw in some milchig - Soul Surfing Pizza - best kosher pizza ever!

          2. I didn't mention this in my first post but this is the greatest name of a restaurant I've ever heard.

            Is bbq as complex as Talmud? Probably not, but close..

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              It can be - particularly if you live and die by your barbecue -

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                it's good to hear especially since a different posting and line of comments were quite unsure how they would do

              2. Very positive article in the NYTimes travel section, although they had to throw in a groan-worthy Manischewitz reference with regard to the wine list: http://travel.nytimes.com/2013/08/25/...

                1. Spare ribs are not Kosher, altho when I eat BBQed spare ribs I say "My people don't know what they are missing." The term 'spare ribs' usually indicates meat from pigs.

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                    Spare Ribs can be both beef and pork - it is more a style of preparing and trimming the ribs - at least that is my understanding-

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                      ChiliDude is correct in that "spare ribs" usually indicates pork. However, for those of us that have never had pork and have only eaten the fake "spare ribs", we only know of the beef variety.

                      1. re: chicago maven

                        Having had the 'spare ribs' at Milt's they are excellent!

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                          While "spare ribs" may usually refer to pork, the name itself is not exclusive. The wikipedia entry explicitly includes both beef and pork as possible meats for spare ribs.


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                            Agreed, "They are a long cut from the lower portion of the pig or cattle, specifically the belly and breastbone, behind the shoulder, and include 11 to 13 long bones" Spare ribs can be found not only on beef and swine but deer, lamb, bison, heck even giraffe. Basically any mammal with a rib cage is going to have them. We smoke "spares" from beef, veal and lamb all the time and they are absolutely good eats. Even for those of us without any pork on our forks!

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                              We either need to stop talking about BBQ ribs or set up a time for a community BBQ!! I'm getting hungry.

                              1. re: chicago maven

                                We just had one on Sunday on the UWS. Gotcholent's spare ribs were great :-)

                                1. re: avitrek

                                  doesn't help those of us in Chicago - I guess we will have to go to Milt's or do our own!

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                                  However, the kosher "spare ribs" seem to be back ribs, which are even better. That is to say, the boxes of Alle ribs I got were back ribs labeled "spare ribs", and all ribs I have seen are either bback ribs or short ribs, meaning that the real "spare rib" is probably lumped with the short ribs for the purposes of commerce.

                                  1. re: ganeden

                                    If Alle ever sent me spare ribs when I ordered Short ribs my sales rep would get a personal call from mr whoop a$$. The short ribs (think flanken) have 2" plus of luscious well marbled meat atop the bone, while spare ribs are really equal part meat and bone. Easy to tell the difference in the pix below, the spare ribs while still containing a nice amount of meat to them, don't even begin to compare to the monster, flinstonian cave man short ribs.

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                            Thanks all for your inputs for my edification. I have been sinful for my whole life because my mother cooked a lot of pork products. Enjoy the beef ribs.

                            BTW, Happy 5774...Shanah Tovah

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                              I was an early fan of Milt's. On a previous business trip to Chicago i made numerous trips and consumed everything on the menu. So yesterday, I made my way with an enormous appetite. I was looking forward to a flight home with my Milt's favorite, the pulled chicken sandwich. Once on the plane, I was startled to discover my pulled chicken had no sauce, the fabulous sauce that had made it the best part of the menu. But worse, the chicken was dry and tasteless, with no evidence of smoke. Leftovers from home would tasted better. I threw out half the sandwich after choking down the first half. Very disappointing. I'll give Milt's a try the next time I am town and hope to have a better report. BTW, any idea why they are not on shamash/

                              1. re: cappucino

                                I am sorry to hear that - I was there a few weeks ago and it was as good as ever -

                                Shamash has not been updated since January 2013 - there are a number of new restaurants in Chicago that are not listed because of this -

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                                  Oh, are you saying that they are not adding new user reviews? I didn't realize, as I haven't tried to add anything.

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                                  Shamash is totally user-based; if no one has put a review, there won't be one there. You can certainly add it, if you are so inclined.

                                  I do find that it is not always very complete or up-to-date.

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                                    I to am frustrated by its infrequent updates - but when travelling to communities outside of the kosher Mecca's of LA and NYC/NJ it can point you to establishments either restaurant or grocery stores that provide kosher food - it has saved me many a trip.