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Aldi's - brand name cheese section

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When Aldi's started carrying tubs and individual serving sizes of Fage 0% Greek yogurt at deeply discounted prices (you save as much as $2.00 on the tub and .50 cents on the small servings) I was happy but when their cheese section started carrying brand-name cheeses like Dubliner cheddar, Jarlsberg USA and fresh goat cheese, I started paying attention. Small logs and wedges when you don't need a Costco sized piece and no cheese priced at more than $4.00; many for $2.00...that's worth mentioning.

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  1. Hello! This thread peeks my interest as I love Dubliner cheese. There is an Aldi nearby which I have never been to but now a quick 10 minute trip might be worth the drive. Do you know the price/lb in general? It's under $4 but for what quantity?

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      When I bought the 1/4 lb of Dubliner it was $3.99 and the 1/4 lb Jarlsberg USA was $3.29. The fresh goat cheese (plain or herb) is always avail and $1.99 at my location for a 4 oz. log.

      This week Aldi's had a number of cheddar choices, havarti, gouda, fresh mozz and grated parm -all brand names.

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        FYI, from a source who would know, I'm told that more Aldi stores are going to start carrying a limited number of brand name goods, not at dirt cheap prices, but reasonable prices. They want to keep the business of the people who are absolutely attached to some brand name stuff but still do lots of shopping at Aldi.. Real Diet Coke, for example.

        Some of this higher end, organic, or more esoteric stuff they've had lately is in the same line of thinking. It totally works on me!

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          me too. and I've noticed the brand names in nearly every dept so far for well over a year already. The brands clean out!

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            Great, good to know. I think your comment about "not at dirt cheap prices, but reasonable prices" is right. The Dubliner seems to be the same price as my local Whole Foods but good to know as I can browse there for many things now.

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              If you found 7 oz of Dubliner @ WF for $3.99, you're lucky. Best prices I found here in NJ WF's was double that. And, in larger qty. Costco sold it in 2 lb blocks for $12.99.

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                It's 7 oz at $4.99 but usually on sale for $3.99 which is really the reason why I ever bought it. I'm a Kerrygold fan and it was on sale a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked.

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          The Dubliner I bought for $3.99 was a 7oz block.

            1. re: Violatp

              Several weeks ago, I picked up several 7oz kerrygold (including Dubliner) cheeses at $2.99 at our local (RI) Aldie. At the time, I assumed it was simply a clearance item from perhaps Trader Joe. They were dated 1/14 expiration, so it wasn't old product. I didn't check this week to see if they had any more.

              I frequently see one time (name brand) items at our Aldie at really low clearance pricing.

          1. At Aldi in Lebanon, OH, I purchased 7 oz blocks of Dubliner Cheese for $2.99. Jarlsberg wedges were priced variably at $4.99 or so a lb. a while back (last fall, I think.)

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            1. re: donw9876

              Whoa, nice I need to check that out.

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                That Jarlsberg price is about $1 less than every day price at Stop and Shop here in CT. About $2 less than a local Shop-Rite.

                1. re: njmarshall55

                  Agreed, it was a bargain. This is Ohio and they have to key off of the local shopper preferences.

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                    I just went back to the same Aldi store and there is no more Dubliner cheese, but that price was right. They have a few squares of a different flavor of Kerrygold. So the Kerrygold seems to have been a St. Patrick's or early spring deal, then. The Jarlsberg is now being sold and is actually 6.49/lb.

                2. re: donw9876

                  Nice score. I paid $6 for one 7 -oz. block of Dubliner last week at my Publix in FL. If you see the Kerrygold Irish Whiskey cheddar, try one. I liked it much more than the Dubliner.

                3. I still haven't *completely* finished a Costco-sized piece of Jarlsberg I think I bought two months ago.

                  I'm eager to see what Aldi's will offer when they open two blocks from me.

                  1. Alright I've never been to Aldi's but you've convinced me to check it out on my very next day off! Sounds like a great way to experiment with new cheeses without blowing too much money!

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                      Excellent point. Also if one dish calls for a small amount of cheese, you don't have to commit to a big wedge or block. We've already had two instances where Aldi's cheese fit the bill picking up odds & ends for a hotel kitchen in our room. Just enough to make one nice meal without waste.

                    2. From an "industry source," each Aldi has the ability to have a "personality" that is appropriate for its neighborhood.

                      There are three in reasonable driving distance from me, and each is VASTLY different... but one IS a great cheese one!!

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                      1. re: Kris in Beijing

                        Very true! There's one here in Chicago, in Lincoln Park, that I am told is the only location (at all) to play ambient music. Oooh, fancy! ;-)

                      2. Snagged the very last two 7oz blocks today - marked down to $2.99 each!

                        *does little couch dance*

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                          1. re: HillJ

                            I may or may not have already eaten two ounces worth.

                            You can't prove anything!

                              1. re: Violatp

                                I'm off on a Kerrygold adventure tomorrow so I'm sure a few ounces might make it into my mouth as well, I hope I don't get to double digits.

                          2. This is one of the most helpful posts I have seen in a long time. We just got our first Aldi and I would never have thought of it as a source for cheese. Thanks HillJ!

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                              My pleasure, Bob W. I keep making a point of telling the Mgr. at the store I hit how much I'm enjoying the brand name cheese section. Encourage..encourage..encourage!

                            2. Here on the Space Coast, we are still awaiting the cheeses. Saw the goat cheese for $3.99. Looking forward to the Jarlsberg. Hopefully by summer.

                              Of note, my smallest Publix carrys Kerrygold cheese in the deli section. Looking forward to the price differntial.

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                              1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                                We've got the Jarlsberg here in Chicago. Ask your Aldi's store manager if it's on their radar.

                                And for when Aldi inevitably stops carrying the Kerrygold (they do have that in common with TJ's, still) I happened to notice that the Target near me carries it for $4.59 for the 7 ounces. Not as great as $2.99, but still cheaper than Safeway, Whole Foods, and whatnot.

                              2. I paid a visit to our Aldi last night. It's an interesting store. Attractive and clean.

                                Mostly I saw stuff with what I think are their own store brands like "Specially Selected," including in the cheese dept. I did see the Jarlsberg. i picked up small pieces of wensleydale with apricots and a garlic-herb cheese of some sort. Also found some plain pizzelles, which my kids love.

                                I guess you could do a regular grocery shopping there for the most part; but I'll likely treat it as a Trader Joe's for occasional visits. It's near my favorite Asian market so I can hit it when I go there.

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                                1. re: Bob W

                                  That's exactly how I view Aldi's; one stop of many I make in a week but for very specific items. Some products I find them incredibly competitive on. With the addition of name brand cheeses, I'm hooked.

                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    Some of the packaging is so close to name brands I had to do a double take; it was like being in an alternate universe. I'm sure the General Mills, I mean"Millville" cereals are perfectly fine; my kid is not picky when it comes to frosted flakes. Same for the Kirkland, I mean "Kirkwood" products.

                                    They must have good lawyers, because there is a huge body of case law regarding similarities in packaging, trade names, etc.

                                    1. re: Bob W

                                      so far, my son has not felt the cold cereals were brand worthy knockoffs. hot or cold.

                                  2. re: Bob W

                                    Yea, I have been tempted to go but have heard very mixed reviews so not sure it's worth the trip though I'm sure I could spare 20 minutes or so.

                                    1. I picked up some of the wensleydale cheese with figs and honey at my Aldi the other day. I've never tried cheese like this before but I thought it sounded so good I had to buy it. I'm a bit stumped as to what to eat it on for a full meal as opposed to just crackers though

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                                      1. re: KellyD123

                                        On a salad would probably be good. Or, if you're a fan of "sweet with meat," then maybe stuffed into a chicken breast with a bitter-ish green. Maybe grilled cheese?

                                        1. The Aldi I go to in Birmingham, AL (Crestwood Blvd not Greensprings) did not have any dubliner or kerrygold yesterday. Boo. They did have the Jarlsberg for about $6.49 but it's a little too boring for me (although ok on sandwiches). I think their black wax sharp cheddar is pretty good and it seemed to be on special yesterday but I was in a rush and left without it.

                                          I do like their bagged spinach and grabbed a couple of bags on sale this week for $.99

                                          Was trying to convince myself to buy the gazebo/tent with mosquito netting for $119.99 ...

                                          1. Any other favorite cheddars that you find at Aldi?

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                                              While visiting on a business trip this month, my sister noted that a brand from Wisconsin was cheaper here in Florida than back home in Wisconsin.

                                            2. Darn, the stores must be very different across locations. I finally made a visit to Aldi and there was hardly any cheese let alone any cheese worth snatching up :)