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Swedish bread

Where can I buy Swedish cardamom bread and/or rolls?

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  1. According to this thread from a few months ago, Ohlin's in Belmont is your best bet locally.

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      Duh....*this* thread:
      (Same thread that Pegmaeister refers to below.)

    2. Quebrada sells it on Fridays. I have nothing to compare it to, but I finished the entire thing in one day.

      1. I posted a similar request a few months ago when I was trying to find a Swedish bakery. I ended up purchasing on line from the Swedish Bakery in Chicago. Their cardamom bread was quite good,but their apple walnut Danish ring was perfection. I would order from therm again.

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          I was in Andersonville on Sunday!!

          I wish I had seen this thread! I would have brought some stuff back for you.

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            WOW. Thanks so much for thinking of me. By the way, my mom's maiden name was Anderson!

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              Hamster did you go to the Swedish Bakery? I really was happy with the delivery I got. I could have given you loads of recommendations.

          2. The Gold Crown bakery in Worcester has it, but it's kind of far. It's on Gold Star Boulevard. They don't deliver anywhere in the Boston area.

            1. My Norwegian mother and aunt used to make this (yulekake) all the time. Other than their homemade versions and others they obtained from select bakeries in the NYC region, the only thing that comes close in the Boston area is from the Finnish Coffee Shop in Rockport.

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                There was a Finnish bakery in Maynard for about 70 yrs. Their long gone, but they made the cardamom bread. The Finns call it Nisu, if I'm spelling it correctly. It was so convenient for me to go there.

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                  Idlewylde has it occasionally too - you might be able to call and see when it's being delivered, it goes quick. I think it comes from the Scandinavian bakery in NH. Paul's in Maynard was this best, next to my grandfather's homemade!

                  Nisu and pulla are one and the same for Finns. Nisu is apparently an older dialect that stuck with Finnish Americans.

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                    A few months ago I stopped in Whites Bakery in Brockton and got cardamom bread. I had never seen it before and it was good. I don't know what it is suppose to taste like but did enjoy it.

                2. If Maynard was convenient for you, go a few miles west on Rt 117 to Bolton Orchards. They sell Finnish pulla (same as nisu, but we call it pulla). They receive a delivery of fresh bread once per week and when it's gone, it's gone until the next delivery, so perhaps call first to be sure there is some in stock.

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                    Thanks a lot. So far that's the closest one to me.

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                      It feels like this is turning into a little bit of a guessing game. Some places are near you, some places are not, and you already know about several Scandinavian bakeries, including one that hasn't been mentioned before (Crown Bakery in Worcester.) We can probably help you better if you let us know where you're located, and maybe the places you've already ruled out for one reason or another.

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                        No, I only knew about Crown in Worcester. I'm in Sudbury. I never knew about the others, never even heard of them.

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                          Sorry, I see now that the other place you mentioned was the former Finnish bakery in Maynard. Still, it's helpful to know that you're in Sudbury.

                  2. I did not go to the bakery but my mom and I went to Andersonville as well as to Stephanie Izard's new Little Goat.

                    Being a good Swede I probably hit A-Ville once a year and would be happy to mule home bakery items for Hounds.

                    I'll post before my next visit (that'll be a while),

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                      That would be so cool! It's been many years since Grahns in Quincy closed but I still miss all those Swedish pastries, and the Swedish Bakery really brought me back.