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Apr 2, 2013 05:53 AM


Where is the best tapas in nyc?

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  1. Previously:

    I still prefer Txikito and Tertulia over Tia Pol, Casa Mono, Boqueria, etc.

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    1. re: kathryn

      I like Boqueria. Not a big fan of Txikito, maybe because of the crowdedness rather than the food. I never had tapas at Tertulia ,just bigger dishes.

    2. Personally...

      Top: Txikito and Salinas
      Next: Tertulia (especially if you like Iberico Ham), Casa Mono, Tia Pol

      Boqueria I think has dropped a peg since Chef Mullen left...

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      1. re: sgordon

        I haven't been to Boqueria in probably 6 months. I used to like Casa Mono but got bored with it. I haven't been there in a while leather. Degustation was once good when it first opened. I was there a year ago and it was pretty bad. Flor de sol, was nothing special , but was very convenient, now it is closed. Tio Pol i like.

      2. All of Alex Rajj's places. U left out El QUinto Pino.

        Tia Pol was number one when she was there.

        I happen to like Solera too. Great old school bartender there to talk tapas and wine.

        1. Toro-Soon to be open from Boston. I believe will be in the building next to Del Posto. Hope it's the same quality/style as Boston's. You will love!!!

          1. I'm still touting the old guard in tapas here and that's Casa Mono.

            Every time some new ones come around, and a relevant one seem to come around once every 4 months, I end up going to Casa Mono primarily because the new ones are normally on a honeymoon, line-up-for-hours for a reservation mode. For me, Casa Mono with the larger-than-tapas dishes, always excite, either with the continuously solid reliable dishes or any new ones they create every once in a while.

            Plus, and this is a big plus for oenophiles, the Spanish wine list continues to be one of the strongest and most robust that I know of outside of Spain today.