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Apr 2, 2013 05:36 AM

Best Fine Dining - Last Two Years

Hey all, I'm looking for a nice place for dinner for a couple of birthday celebrations and want to try someplace new. What are the best fine dining type operations that have opened in the past two years...any type of food, any price, preferably east of the 405 to (and including) downtown. Thanks!

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  1. Can it be new to you? Or does it have to be "newly" minted, as you indicated in your post (or maybe you've been to all the other places)? I have a friend who has extolled the virtues of the new SBE restaurant but I haven't been. She also called me yesterday to say they tried the new David Myers place, Hinoki and the Bird and really liked it. Haven't been there either (although this would probably be the first choice for me based on what I've read and their menu).

    What do you like for fine dining right now? That could help with coming up with a suggestion that you might like elsewhere.

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      Thanks Servorg. New to me is fine, but I wanted to avoid listing every place I've been to. Lately, I've been lazy about researching so I'll just hit Mozza, Craft, Melisse, Church & State or another old haunt for special dinners. I figured I'd branch out. Mozza's new place is an option, but I'm also woefully ignorant of the new downtown scene and I figure I've missed a lot of good places that have opened more recently.

      The new Myers place looks great.

      1. re: sku

        If you've done Mozza, try Sotto. Great pastas and Neapolitan style pizza.

        Also go to Red Medicine if you haven't yet.

        Downtown scene is booming and hard to keep up with. Alma was just okay for me.

        1. re: sku

          Alma, The Parish, the redesigned Water Grill, and Bestia, are all good new downtown choices.

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            I love Craft and In my opinion the best fine dining service in Los Angeles.

            Although West of the 405 the new Nobu Malibu is right on the ocean and one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of LA.

            Also if you have never been to Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu Canyon you will find wonderful game meats and great food in a romantic one of a kind rustic setting.

        2. Puck at the Bel Air is very nice.

            1. re: Thor123

              damn. I want to go now. But either I'll have to wait a couple years now, or maybe someone can foot the proverbial bill.

              1. shunji's, by far, bar none.

                NEXT !!!