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Apr 2, 2013 05:08 AM

Any good restaurants in Cortland, NY?

Something chow-worthy and nice enough to take my SUNY Cortland daughter for her birthday? We're open to any type of food and price range.

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  1. There are not many good options. If you like old-style restaurants, by far the best option is the Green Arch, which is on Elm Street. They are only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and it is a good idea to call ahead for reservations. Excellent steaks, chops and italian dishes. The place is a time warp--you will feel as though you have been transported to 1942.

    Other than that, there is also a place called Fabio's with good italian food, though the decor is a bit lacking and the service is hit or miss. Those are the only two I feel comfortable recommending.

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      Thanks ericstratton. It really seems like a Chow deadzone out there. I was just hoping there was some hidden gem or innovative place that bucks the norm. It's a shame she doesn't like fish or I'd take her to Doug's. I'll google Green Arch and see what they have. Thanks again!

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        Thanks, that would be great for another trip, but might not be best for a birthday dinner. I probably should have added that there will be about 8 of us.