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Apr 2, 2013 04:18 AM

Homemade pasta sheets

I am looking for a foolproof homemade pasta recipe that would be perfect for making lasagna sheets or manicotti, trying to impress the BF!!! Just need suggestions for the pasta dough!!!

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  1. Any pasta dough should work just fine. What do you usually use for other types of pasta?

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      I usually use 1 1/2 c AP unbleached flour 1/4 c. semolina flour, tsp olive oil, pinch of salt and a little water if too dry. The flavor is good. I was just concerned after reading that some people had problems with their leftover lasagna getting soggy! One of the reasons I love lasagna is to have leftovers! So, I was just trying to avoid that problem!!

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        I hate lasagna made with homemade pasta that have not been boiled first. The boiling of pasta sets the egg and allows them to hold their texture. Lasagna made with fresh noodles get mushy soft and disintegrate in the dish. I make fresh pasta for lasagna with flour and egg only, fine cooking recipe.

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          agree with Gloriaa. besides texture, boiling the pasta also allows you to get salt into the pasta to give it some flavor. Most recipes for pasta have little to no salt.

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            Ugh, this is becoming more complicated. I was thinking that making homemade lasagna sheets would be like the fresh lasagna sheets you find in the grocery store (but better!) eliminating the step of boiling the pasta first. Are there any suggestions or dough recipes where I can eliminate the step of boiling the lasagna sheets? Or should I just stick with store bought sheets which do not taste as good?

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              Barilla No Boil Lasagna noodles are the closest to homemade that I have tasted. Just put in a little extra sauce as they absorb more sauce than boiled noodles.

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                I hate to say it but once you try homemade lasagna you might never go back. Yeah you can eat it but it will NEVER taste as good. It is a labour of love but so very worthwhile.

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                  You *must* parboil your homemade lasagne sheets.

                  To keep it simple, I have a large plastic container I put ice water in when I start making the pasta. I leave it in the sink until after I've made, and then cooked for a minute, each sheet, after which I submerge each sheet in the cold water.

                  You can leave them in the water, giving a stir every now and then, but I don't ever have a problem with sticking, as I have everything ready (both sauces, cheese grated) so I can begin to assemble the lasagne as soon as the pasta has gone in the water.

                  As far as recipes for the pasta itself, I use Giuliano Bugialli's, from his first book, which includes salt and EVOO. I use either "00" or AP flour. Not semolina, though.

                  Is that clear? Don't worry about the sheets of pasta being wet. The water will be absorbed.

            2. re: melpy

              Another question, has anyone tried Hodgson Mill Pasta flour
              (golden semolina and extra fancy durum) for lasagna sheets or manicotti? If so is it better or worse than making your own combination of flour/semolina?
              PS: I have the Atlas pasta machine

              1. re: sandlee1

                I have not, but please report back if you try it - I'd love to hear the verdict. I mostly use Bob's Red Mill semolina, and also bulk semolina from the Indian grocery store. I might add a bit of AP flour for texture, but mostly will stick with 100% semolina. It's tough to knead, but I like the flavor, color, and bite better than AP.

            3. do you have a pasta roller? If you don't, I recommend ATK's recipe for pasta dough that makes it easy to flatten out with a rolling pin. It should be free on their site as it was on the tv show this season.

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              1. re: madtheswine

                Dumb question, what does ATK stand for so I can get the recipe for pasta dough!!! As you can tell, I am new!!!

                1. re: sandlee1

                  America's test kitchen! Good luck, they are very frugal with their recipes.

                  1. re: Gloriaa

                    You are correct about their frugality., but it's in this season's tv shows, so it'll be up for free on for the rest of the year. G'luck.

              2. 2 cups ap flour, three eggs. pinch of salt. maybe a glug of evoo. whir it in the fp. rest for thirty minutes. roll a quarter of the dough out at a time on your roller while flouring to prevent sticking. decreasing thickness until you can read the new york times through it. i think marcella challenges you to go to the thinnest setting (she also says AP flour is ok)..... she also says boil them and wring them out before layering. i do as i'm told.