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Apr 2, 2013 01:06 AM

Grand Cafe 't Elfde Gebod in Noordwijk an Zee, the Netherlands

Grand Cafe 't Elfde Gebod
Which translates as the 11th Commandment (to enjoy life)
Atmosphere: nice open and light, some lovely stained glass panels.
Service: friendly and relaxed
Food: appetizers, generous portions, the tomato tapinade was enough for 4 people.
Guinea fowl with truffle sauce, moist and the sauce was delicately flavored
Scampi salad, not as spicy as I had hoped for but good flavor, scampi were not dry or over cooked.
Desserts, HUGE!
Special coffees on offer, I do recommend trying the house special.
It's a bit sweet and made a perfect ending to the meal.
Price: table of 4, drinks, 3 course meals, 160 Euros.
Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 20
Cool fact, TV shows are filmed there.

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  1. Lia, regarding food Noordwijk is one big tourist trap. Enjoy the beach but when you want to enjoy good food go to: Leiden (in den doofpot - great food & wines or woods - wonderful terrace at the waterfront). The only reasonable restaurants in Noordwijk are Bij Raggers and Villa de Duinen. Enjoy!