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Apr 2, 2013 12:11 AM

What's not to miss in NY ?

So I'll be in NY for the 2nd time, I went to Tao, BLT Steak, Shake Shack (loved it so much), Olive Garden & Sakura.
I wish to visit the best in NY(Manhatten) where you'll get the best flavored food (home cooking style is welcomed) with the best possible price. I prefer the outrageously big proportions and a taste that would make me fly to NY every year.
Mind you,i don't eat pork ^^

Thanks in Advance.

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    1. re: Sneakeater

      This. Other than traditional, proper pastrami there's really no one restaurant that would make one fly to New York every year, if only because the best chefs have outposts outside of the city. Our attraction as a culinary capital is the concentration of great places, not the existence of any one of them. That also tends to be true of ethnic restaurants. We don't have the best Mexican, Chinese or Ethiopian restaurants, what we have is the ability to have very good Mexican, Chinese and Ethiopian food on successive nights and within a few miles of each other. The exception is that we do deli like no one does deli.

      1. re: nokitchen

        "Pastrami" and pizza and bialys and bagels too!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Olive Garden?? Really??
      If you like Italian and large portions go to Carmines. They get knocked for being a "tourist" spot in Times Sq. but the food is actually pretty good and the portions are huge.
      Theie UWS side location is easier to get into without a wait.

      1. Thanks to you all.
        I only had a few days in the first time I visited NY. So thanks for the suggestions, I actually may never come back to NY, which is the reason I don't want to miss the famous restaurants.

        Again thanks.