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Anniversary in LA

It'll be our first time visiting LA this June. We'll be staying for a week in Beverly Blvrd.
Since I know nothing about LA; I need your help and suggestions for a romantic (not so crowded) restaurant to spend our 2nd anniversary. We're not fond of French cooking, so I'd appreciate leaving those types at the bottom of the list.
Italian & traditional American is our type. I don't mind if it was a little pricey; but not too much pricey (max 200 $ dinner for 2 without drinks).
We'll be arriving in a Limo, so we'd like the location to be in a frontal spacious street not hidden in an ally or so where we'll look out of place !! (I had this issue last year).

Thanks in Advance.

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  1. My first thought for you is Hatfield's (on Melrose Ave, but I think the restaurant's website is offline currently). New American fare, well-executed. Your budget will probably get you through.

    Nearby, Osteria Mozza also comes to mind for solid Italian. Mozza can get crowded, though.

    Madeo is another great Italian joint near you. Less crowded.

    Scarpetta in Beverly Hills is another pick.

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Please report back on what you ate!

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    1. re: J.L.

      Thanks J.L you've been a great help.

      1. re: J.L.

        +2 or 3 or whatever we're at for Hatfield's.

      2. Agree with the recommendations for Hatfield's and Osteria Mozza (though the latter will definitely be crowded). Perhaps add Providence to the list if you like seafood and Culina in the Four Seasons Doheny as another upscale Italian option. I have not been since Wolfgang Puck took it over but perhaps the Dining Room at the Hotel Bel Air is also worth a look.

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          Not sure they can successfully execute an escape from Providence or Hotel Bel Air at their budget of $200...

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            +1 for Osteria Mozza if only for their Nancy's incredible Mozzarella bar.

                1. I am a big fan of Craft in Century City. Wonderful food and maybe the best service in Los Angeles.

                  If you are up for a drive at Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu Canyon you will find wonderful food (including incredible game meats) in a romantic one of a kind rustic setting.

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                    +1 for Craft. That would be my pick by far!

                  2. Thank you all. I guess I should raise my budget ^^

                    Any thoughts about Bazaar is it any good ? Someone suggested Cicada to me as well, I would like your input on it too.
                    Providence seems the closest to me though.

                    Thanks again to all of you, for sparing your time for us.

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                      Bazaar is fun for a first-timer. It's max-out-the senses food; quixotic, and the crowd is usually interesting.

                      Cicada is more of supper club feel. The food is OK.

                      Providence is, in my opinion, the closest to our current bastion of fine dining in L.A. You'll need a bit more than $200 for a proper anniversary dinner for 2 at Providence, though.

                      You'll have use of a limo anyways, so proximity (or lack thereof) shouldn't be an issue?

                      Ooh, I almost forgot! Capo (in Santa Monica, by the beach) has excellent Italian as well. But again, may exceed the budget by a bit.

                      1. re: J.L.

                        Yeah location is not an issue. and I'll defenitly boost the budget way beyond 200 $.

                        The Mrs. is fond of modern decor, that's why she liked Bazaar. Eventhough I'm more inclined towards Providence.
                        Do you know any place with both modern decor and fine dining as well ?!

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                            I'd rather go to Hinoki vs Bazaar.

                            We spent like $100pp @ Bazaar during DineLA and it was not very memorable.

                              1. re: Thor123

                                Not yet. But strangely I ran into David Myers and he and I chatted about what was going on there and he said to come by sometime (and he didn't know me other than that I recognized him and struck up a conversation). I don't know when we will go, but we will for a special occasion I'm sure.