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What are your thoughts on this office supply retailer?

Or, if you'd rather not disclose your stance on the aforementioned, an equally scintillating discussion topic:
What are the staples in your liquor cabinet? The bottles that get replaced long before they risk being emptied?

Mine would be Campari, Wray and Nephew, black strap, baby Saz, and green Chartreuse.

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  1. St. Germain, Gin, and Rum.

    1. Gin (right now we have Hendricks, Plymouth, Old Tom, Beefeater and a little half bottle of Bombay Sapphire)


      Champagne/cava/prosecco/sparkling wine always on hand, multiple bottles and types

      Vermouth: right now Dolin and Carpano Antica

      Maker's Mark seems to always be hanging around as well.

      Sadly we have no distributor for St. Germain so we run the world's tiniest import business but once it's gone, it's gone until we go overseas again. :(

      1. Currently giving the liver a rest, but: Gordon's Gin
        Benchmark 8 bourbon
        Noilly Prat Original
        Martini and Rossi
        Makers Mark
        Frilly toothpicks
        Waterford tumblers

        1. Coruba, Campari, Cointreau. For most other things I like to try different bottles from time to time and since I have limited space to keep my collection it has to be rotating.

          Angostura, Fee's orange, and Regan's orange bitters are my current bitter staples. I would like to try Ango orange though.

          I would also not want to be without Luxardo Maraschino or Green Chartreuse but I use these slowly enough that I haven't even purchased a second bottle yet. Laird's Bonded Apple Brandy is also pretty great, just bought my second bottle. And I would never want to be without Appleton Rum, preferably V/X and Extra, although I may try a bottle of Reserve next time. Pierre Ferrand Ambre is my current go-to Cognac.

          1. Amaretto Di Saronno, Chivas, Tanqueray, Ketel One, Jack Daniels are on shelf at all times.

            Amaretto and Jack go most quickly. H and I drink more wine than liquor, except when entertaining.

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              Pinehurst - have you tried the Luxardo amaretto? Far superior to Di Saronno, IMHO, and here in Boston, a wee bit cheaper as well. I don't know how accurate the info is, but someone once told me that the Luxardo brand actually uses almonds to make the liqueur, and not just almond flavoring, like Di saronno (again - take that info with a grain of salt). I don't know if it's true or not, but it's a fine amaretto.

            2. Tanguerey gin (my father drinks this like water).
              Silver Patron tequila
              Finlandia or Ketel One vodka

              1. Bulleit Rye
                Hanger One Vodka "Buddha'a Hand"
                Hanger One Vodka "Mandarin Blossom"
                Maison Surrenne Ancienne Distillerie Cognac
                No. 209 Gin
                Sanchez Romate 'Cardenal Mendoza' Brandy

                Carpano Antica Formula
                Lillet Blanc
                Peychaud Bitters

                1. Beefeater
                  Noilly Prat Original
                  Knob Creek
                  Martini and Rossi Rosso

                  1. Tough question! I tend to move around between brands and mixing interests a lot. The following are things, off the top of my head, that I've refilled at least three times in the past year or so:

                    Green Chartreuse
                    Bombay (red cap)
                    Banks 5 Island
                    Lemon Hart 151
                    Clement VSOP
                    Michter's US #1 Straight Rye
                    Germain-Robin Craft Method
                    Cachaca Seleta
                    Nonino UE Decennale
                    Laird's Bottled in Bond
                    Lillet Blanc
                    Angostura bitters

                    1. Tanqueray
                      Wild Turkey 101
                      Carpano Antica

                      Last, but not least...
                      Homemade cocktail cherries

                      1. rye: Bulleit, Rittenhouse BIB
                        bourbon: Old Grand Dad BIB, OWA 107, Larceny
                        gin: Plymouth, Tanqueray Malacca (now that I've found it and stocked up)
                        tequila: Cazadores repo

                        I'd love to say Balcones single malt, but I have to ration my bottle since it's in such high demand and hard to find these days.

                        liqueurs: Cointreau, Solerno Blood Orange, Green Chartreuse, Luxardo Maraschino

                        Jager. I have a half dozen amari/digestifs in my cabinet, but the one in my freezer is still my favorite.

                        Noilly Prat rouge for my Manhattans.

                        1. I go through bourbon and gin most frequently. However, in terms of my stock bourbon for cocktails, it really depends on what's on sale, and what I feel like picking up. In terms of rye, which I use a good bit in cocktails, I go through Rittenhouse pretty regularly.

                          I used to go through Plymouth gin pretty regularly, but with the most recent price hike, I'll be looking at other brands when my current bottle goes dry.

                          Cointreau is another one that I cycle through a few times a year, though usually in the summer when making more rum drinks and margaritas.

                          Oh, and of course, vermouth, which is nearly always Dolin.

                          1. On a cooking board, not to forget what's in the liquor cabinet that ends up in the recipe: Madeira for beef gravy, dry sherry for Seafood Newburgh, and rum for desserts. And limoncello to pour over sorbet on a hot summer night.

                            1. I do like to try lots of different things, but there are a few that I try to restock when I have the money

                              Beefeater Gin
                              Old Overholt Rye
                              Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
                              Martini and Rossi Sweet Vermouth
                              Cruzan Light Rum
                              Gosling's Blak Seal
                              Luxardo Maraschino(if I can find it locally)

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                              1. re: Czequershuus

                                @Czequershuus, your list is almost identical to my list of staples. I always try to have all the items in your list on hand, along with the following:

                                Tanqueray Gin (the only gin the in-laws will drink)
                                Bombay Dry Gin (red cap--took the place of Plymouth as a a staple gin when prices went up)
                                Bombay Sapphire (a friend's preferred gin that I always keep on hand)
                                Seagram's Distiller's Reserve Gin
                                Rittenhouse 100
                                Bitters (Angostura, Orange, Peychaud's)
                                Avagales Blanco (for margaritas at parties)
                                Espolon reposado
                                Green Chartreuse
                                Rothman & Winter creme de violette
                                St. Germain
                                Some type of brandy (I brand hop)
                                Some type of Scotch (ditto)
                                A wheated bourbon (usually Old Weller Antique or Maker's Mark)
                                A well bourbon (usually Evan Williams or Jim Beam)
                                Cocchi Americano or Lillet Blanc

                              2. I often cycle through various options of the same sort of thing (e.g. trying different gins or dry vermouths). I have settled on keeping Punt e Mes on hand at all times, even if I have another sweet vermouth open.

                                At times I've had a remarkable backstock of Campari on hand.

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