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Apr 1, 2013 09:23 PM

Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 3

Quickfire: The chefs must prepare a vegan dish for George Stroumboulopoulos.
On top: Daniel, Caity and Becky.
On the bottom: Chris S., Rory and Kayla.
And the winner is Daniel.

Elimination: the chefs draw knives to determine if they will prepare a dish for the cafe, bar or dining room for Senses restaurant. The chefs will be cooking against the other chefs in their category. Guest judge is Daniel Boulud.

Cafe: Daniel, Jonathan, Matthew, Nicole
Bar: Becky, Clement, Chris S., Geoff
Dining Room: Caity, Chris C., Danny, Kayla, Rory

For the cafe category, Nicole is on top and Daniel is on the bottom.
For the bar category, Chris S. is on top and Clement is on the bottom.
For the dining room, Caity is on top and Kayla is on the bottom.

So it's between Caity, Nicole and Chris S. for the win. And the winner is Nicole.

On the chopping block: Clement, Kayla and Daniel. Daniel has immunity from the Quickfire, so it's between Clement and Kayla. And Clement goes home.

The structure of the challenge makes for some interesting choices for top and bottom. If all the chefs had been competing equally, I think some of the chefs on top wouldn't have been in the top and some of the chefs up for elimination wouldn't have been. At first, when they called the top and bottom groups, I had forgotten about the separate groups and was quite surprised at the people called.

I was sure that Chris C. was going to be in the bottom. Once again, he just put everything he knew on the plate. He seems out of his depth.

The judges seemed to like everybody in the cafe category except for Daniel. They had more problems with the bar and dining room categories.
They did not like Geoff's dish, especially the drink, they weren't crazy about Becky's and disliked Clement's as well.
The judges had some temperature issues with Danny's scallops and Rory's pork. They were confused by Chris C's dish and kept finding chunks of garlic in Kayla's dish.

So if they were competing equally, Matthew might have also been on top and Chris C. and Rory might have also been at the bottom. And would Chris S's dish been in the top if compared to Matthew's? Ok, enough of my what-ifs. I accept the parameters of the challenge and the judges' decisions.

Final random thoughts:
For god's sake Clement, never tell the judges you know you've been coasting!
Matthew, don't be petty about helping - win by making the best food.
Caity, stop putting everyone else down. You obviously like Kayla's restaurant enough to go there after work.
Daniel, you've been lucky twice now. You're going to have to do better. What on earth were those huge chunks? Not very refined.

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  1. I'm amazed that so many missed the mark in terms of the kind of food they were supposed to make. Clement has a food truck, which is barely removed from bar food, and he couldn't see that ravioli was a bad choice? Kayla really thought that was fine dining? And has Daniel never been in a fancy café?

    I am glad that Nicole won, though, because her dish looked delicious. And because Matthew was such a jerk.

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    1. re: piccola

      Wow, it's been a whole year since the last season and I have to admit that I'm watching mostly to see how this season is stacking up against the last one.

      Some observations of my own, coming from a 'vet'...

      Clement clearly over thought his dish and should've done something he was far more comfortable with (he probably would've done better). It's easy to over think when you're working next to a dozen other competitors and you see them executing things that would intimidate you.

      Matt is harsh and i probably wouldve helped if i wasnt in the weeds but I understand his position... It's not a team challenge, if the competitor deserves to continue they should be able to do it themselves. It never occurred to me to ask for help whenever I had problems and I accepted the consequences that came with my poor judgement/planning/timing, etc.

      Matt looks like he's cooking circles around everyone... I really can't see him losing if he made it to the finale.

      One of my cooks worked for caity previously... Apparently the tv version isn't too far off

      I used to work with rory back when I was at George, hopefully be brings his game up a little

      1. re: Blueicus

        Hey, good to hear from you Blueicus! I hope you've been doing well since your stint on Top Chef. Thanks for the inside info. Keep the posts coming.

        I have been surprised that Rory hasn't been standing out more. I figured if you worked at George, you have to be pretty damn good. The food there is great.

        I'm not surprised about Caity. You can't hide that attitude.

        1. re: chefhound

          re: Caity - I'm not sure why she felt the need to go out of her way to say that she couldn't see the point of "getting to know" the other cheftestants. It's such a jagoff thing to say. Really, you don't know why anyone would bother to be cordial to their colleagues?? She's playing the villain role well, but with a complete lack of irony or sense of humour.

        2. re: Blueicus

          To be honest, it wouldn't occur to me to ask for help either. But if someone asked - and helping wouldn't interfere with my performance - I would do it. If he really didn't want to help, fine, but tell her to her face instead of bitching about it in the confessional.

          But yeah, it's early days still. We don't really "know" them yet.

          1. re: Blueicus

            Great to have you here and commenting! Hope you'll stay with the season with us - thanks!

        3. Thanks for doing this chefhound!

          I just watched online (a way better way - no commercials and I can work at the same time)

          Agree with you that had it been judged across the board the outcome might have been different.

          Ravioli in a bar? Huh?

          The judge who's name I refuse to remember is somewhat better this season - at least she is offering up comments rather than just facial expressions.

          1. Mark McKewan is so despicable