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Apr 1, 2013 08:21 PM

Has anyone separated skin from poultry with an air compressor?

Tonight, Iron Chef America re-run of 2005 Flay vs. Ming Tsai. Battle:DUCK.

Ming uses an air compressor on a duck and "seals" the duck just with towels and squeezing by hand long enough to blow in enough air to cleanly separate the skin from the flesh. Alton sarcastically mentions big men and straws, but also enviously says he's actually seen it done with a bicycle tire pump.

Has anyone ever used any techniques to separate skin from poultry?

I've clawed my way under skin to insert stuff like lemon slices and thyme, but I've never even thought of using a contraption...

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  1. I have removed skin from my fair share of chickens...using air only, assuming the entire envelope of the skin was not compromised, at a high enough pressure to separate skin from flesh, prepared to mist yourself and your entire kitchen with chicken debris. Can't speak for duck, maybe the skin isn't attached as aggressively. There are some video clips out there showing this method with furry creatures. It would be a pretty bad-ass chowtip....Chow if interested, bring your cameras, I have the equipment

    1. Friends have used this method for deer,and other game animals.

      1. No, but I've peeled hard boiled eggs with an air compressor before