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Feb 9, 2001 08:16 AM

Kreuz's Market to serve ... beans

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I saw in the today's Austin American Statesman a John Kelso column where he reveals that legendary barbecue place Kreuz's Market will start serving beans in the next couple of weeks. This is notable because the place has had very limited choices other than outstanding meat, and none of those previous sidedishes involved cooking (whole advocados and tomotoes for instance).

Personally, I don't know how I feel about this. I guess it depends on how good the beans are.

Anyway, I've included the link below, but it's a relative link that will change tomorrow. You might have luck searching the archives.


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  1. It kinda gives me a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. The owner of Kreuz is apparently giving in to repeated requests from customers. Since anyone who's been around these parts a decent amount of time knows not to ask about legumes in beef and pork heaven, I'm going to attribute this change to newcomers.

    With so much of old central Texas succumbing to changes demanded by high-techers from the left coast, lots of places just don't seem the same, anymore. To me, this is another worrisome chink in the armor. Some of the folks who move here to experience the locale ought to learn to leave well enough alone. No kiddin' here. Too many old haunts have been ruined 'round here and its gotta stop.

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      I went to Kreuz to check out this bean thing. First, I was reminded of the pressure these folks have been under as I witnessed some women from another state asking Roy what he had that was really lean. This is a good way to get the pit crew to collectively give a steel - cold stare. The newbies got clod and seemed happy to be fulfilling their dietary needs, real and imagined.

      I jokingly said I'd come for the beans. Another stare. I quickly placed my order for a pork chop, some fatty brisket and a hot. Thus redeemed, I paid up and went in to order a drink and some beans.

      Here's the good news: The beans are inside with the other non-meat offerings. They're offered up in a styrofoam half pint cup, with a lid. This prevents your honest order of meat completely seperate from these carpetbaggin' legumes. I gave the beans a taste. Nothing special, but not too bad, seasoned with what struck me a commercial chili powder.

      Kreuz has the wisdom to charge a buck for this modest serving, sending the message that if you want beans in a meat store, you gotta pay. Now let's hope that the folks at Kreuz have the additional wisdom to say no to other changes. The shock of a salad bar would probably kill most of us loyalists.

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        Thanks for the report. I was wondering how the beans were going. I hope to get down to Kreuz in the next couple of weeks. I think I'll ignore the beans and get another 1/4 lb of shoulder instead.

        The day Kreuz installs a salad bar will be the day I renouce my Barbecue Religion and become a Barbecue Atheist.