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Apr 1, 2013 04:10 PM

Sonoma one night

I was thinking Girl and the Fig but is it not the same since the chef left for Napa? Cafe la Haye sounds lovely but I have visions of me with a migraine post wine tasting and having to go in pain or pay for canceling. Other two possibilities are La Salette or Harvest Moon Cafe. It's the last night of our 4 day sojourn so we are up for anything but hopefully there will be some lighter options if we are slowing down.

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  1. La Salette is my First Choice when it comes to Sonoma. Then Girl & The Fig. Cafe la Haye is okay, but has never wowed me.

    Harvest Moon is near the bottom of the list due to numerous mediocre reviews.

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    1. I love La Salette but I wouldn't classify the food as light. The best dishes we've had there are the bacalhou (the best anywhere) and the feijoda, neither of which classify. The soups are usually delightful, though.

      LS uses a lot of red bell peppers in their seafood stew, too many IMHO. One big issue we had with them was the kitchen was using super-hot plates. My pork overcooked as it sat and became dry and chewy. Hopefully they've dialed that back a bit.

      We like Cafe la Haye but La Salette executes better overall. But CLH uses Flying Goat Coffee, our favorite [smile].

      If you want light, Girl & Fig works best. I consider them way down in third after LS and CLH, and far better for an outdoor lunch on their cute little patio. But their salads are lovely and an appetizer plate makes a perfect small entree.