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Apr 1, 2013 03:59 PM

Best Italian Restaurants anywhere between Old Saybrook and Mystic?

Just posted about restaurants in Old Saybrook - what is your favorite Italian restaurant anywhere between Old Saybrook and Mystic- love to try some new recommendations....

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  1. Al Forno, Tiberio's in Old Saybrook
    Brickhouse Pizza in Westbrook
    Tony D's in New London

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      OK so out of those four, which would be your first choice?

      1. re: jennbakes37

        You should look at each of their menus on line so you won't be disappointed if they don't have your favorite dish.

        Tony D's has a great zuppe de pesce with lots of fish in it for a very reasonable price. Brickhouse has great pizza and even offers soy cheese for those with dairy allergies. Al Forno gets lots of love on this board. Tiberio's was sold recently and seems to be as good as it was under the original ownership although I've only been once since the change. Another place I forgot to mention is Paul's Pasta in Groton. They make fresh pasta and prices are amazingly reasonable and food is consistently good. It's a small funky place that doesn't take reservations though and there usually is a wait.

        I also agree with inderB about Bravo Bravo and Olio.

    2. Bravo Bravo in Mystic is very good Italian. Olio which is the same restuarant group is more american but has some italian pasta dishes