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Apr 1, 2013 03:25 PM

San Diego trip report

Recently spent a few days in San Diego and ate well due to help from this board. Here are some quick notes:

Café Chloe – had some sort of polenta soup which was excellent. Also had the jidori chicken entree which was pretty good as well though the sauce and the chicken livers on the plate were a little too rich for me. The restaurant vibe was nice and felt like a comfortable neighborhood spot.

Jsix – Had the field greens salad and the black tellicherry pepper pappardelle. Both were excellent. Cocktails were also pretty good. This restaurant was located in my hotel and it felt very much like a hotel restaurant.

Lion’s Share – the Bouchwagon cocktail was fantastic. Food was also excellent. Enjoyed the corn and tomato salad and the frog legs.

Super Cocina – enjoyable lunch. They gave me samples of a few dishes before I decided on a pork dish and an egg dish. Very good homestyle food.

Mariscos food trucks – great fish tacos and ceviche. Also liked the hot sauces available.

Bird Rock Coffee – excellent latte and nice vibe.

Lucy’s Tacos – had a carne asada taco and a carnitas taco. Meats were dry but I liked the hot sauce provided.

Tender Greens – grabbed some excellent salads here for my flights back home. Got the backyard steak salad and another salad with salami and pickled vegetables. Wish we had these types of places in New York.

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  1. glad you enjoyed the trip!

    1. Wow - I don't think I've seen somebody choose as many of the highly-rated SD Chowhound ticks as you, churros. Well done!

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      1. re: RB Hound

        Thanks! Relied entirely on Chowhound for my San Diego eats and it worked out well!

      2. Thanks for the nice report. Just wondering, which Mariscos Food Trucks did you try and where?

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        1. re: Norm Man

          Went to a couple of them. I think the one in South Park (it was in a parking lot on Elm Street) and another in the Toys R Us parking lot about a 15 minute or so drive south of the Gaslamp Quarter (I think in Chula Vista?).