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Apr 1, 2013 02:49 PM

Waterfront wedding venues Vancouver

I'm looking for any venue rentals or homes where I can have a wedding on the water for about 75-100 people. I have looked at the Brock House, Cecil Green House and the Teahouse. I was trying to find options of having it on the water perhaps in a gorgeous house in West/North Vancouver. Does anyone have any great resources or ideas for something like that. I'll be planning it from California, so a bit unfamiliar with the best places to rent estates from for events.

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  1. Hi Sara
    I can't help you with the estate rental angle, but I can comment on venues. We are getting married in the summer as well and wanted something with a nice water view. We did check out the Teahouse as we are getting married just out front on Ferguson Point. The venue is nice, but there was no dance floor and the price point relative to the food quality was a challenge for us (i.e. I'll pay but it has to be good, and I found it just ok).

    We ended up choosing the False Creek Yacht Club because it is waterfront with an interesting water/city view, room holds about 85 people comfortably and has a full kitchen so your caterer can do as he pleases. Plus there is a dance floor and a nice balcony. For us it checked all the boxes.

    Best of luck

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      Thanks so much for your reply. I will check that out. Yeah I agree, we are having problems with finding a beautiful spot without the bad food and having to dance in a low ceiling banquet hall. I hope once this is out of the way the rest is a breeze :)
      Hope you have a fabulous wedding!

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        Thanks Sara
        For us once the caterer was sorted it all got much more relaxing.
        Best of luck.

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          For a city on the water, we have a serious dearth of waterfront venues, as I discovered when planning my own nuptials.

          Maybe give the Vancouver Museum a call. They had several options there for weddings, though I know at least one has changed. You can get married on the lawn in view of the beach and (this is the best part) bring in your own caterer). We found many places in town required using their in-house food services.
          False Creek Yacht Club does have a lovely view and a nice wraparound deck. Drawback from attending weddings there is the many pillars which block guest sightlines during the ceremony.
          Cecil Green is a lovely space but the food is very much wedding buffet, alas, from UBC food services, unless things have changed drastically since I organized a wedding there. You also have to watch their tendency to say they have room for your guests and then having them put one or more tables in the foyer (!) to accommodate. Again, big sightline issues and weird to have some of your party dining in the hallway.

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            True enough on the sight line issues at false creek yacht club, that is one of the remains we decided to hold the actual ceremony at ferguson point.

            1. re: grayelf

              The Hart House (in Burnaby, adjacent city to Vancouver) on the "shores" of Deer Lake, offers wedding hosting:



              And if I may take advantage here and make a plug for a friend of mine who is an amazing events photographer ......


              1. re: LotusRapper

                You may always make a plug for your friends :) Having recommendations is always a plus instead of picking blind from a list of vendors. There are some really beautiful shots in their portfolio.

                Thank you LotusRapper

                1. re: sarakellenberger

                  No problem Sara. I get no benefits from Alana by plugging her, other than seeing her very happy clients' (including ourselves) pictures on her sites. I can bet a bottom dollar everyone who looks over her photo galleries does so with a smile on their face. She is truly talented.

                  BTW, is this wedding your own or are you planning it on behalf for someone else ? Are there any friends/family etc. here in Vancouver who could go scout out the options you narrow down ? Always good to have folks on the ground, so to speak, to get first-hand impressions. And when is the special event to take place ? Given it's Apr. 2 and the wedding season is just around the corner, venues can get booked up superfast. When I booked Cecil Green for my own wedding it was in January and I had to pick the only date remaining for that year, which was September. Turned out to be the Labor Day long weekend so everything actually worked out perfectly timing-wise.

                  Another scenic but non-waterfront option to throw into the hat is the Van Dusen Botanical Garden's Shaughnessy Restaurant which sees a lot of weddings:



                  But it ain't no W/N. Vancouver.

                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    Agree with LR about getting someone "on the ground" to check out the venues, but even more importantly, to pre-taste the food. Some of the places mentioned on this thread and others have pretty mediocre food, particularly for a Chowhoundish wedding. I know it's more difficult logistically but getting a venue that allows outside catering can help with that. We were very happy with our caterer who now has his own cooking school that also caters.

                    1. re: grayelf

                      Hey Grayelf-

                      Would you mind recommending the cater you us. Do they specialize in a particular type of cuisine or fusion?

                      1. re: grayelf

                        GE - was yours chef Christophe and Le Zeste Catering ?

                      2. re: LotusRapper

                        All great info. Yes this is my wedding and we won't wed until Summer 2014, so I have a good amount of time to get this ball rolling. But as you have all mentioned and I have read Vancouver is a popular place to wed, thats why i'm trying to nail down a venue.

                        I hink when we find those few gems we will fly out to check them out and taste the food. Unfortunately we don't know anyone in Vancouver, we just have loved travelling there the past 8 years and loved it. :) Wow the Van Duesen is really beautiful with the open air feel. Is their food good?

                        Also what did you think of Cecil Green's food. I know they have a long standing contract with UBC Catering so there is no room to budge there. Food is pretty important to us, as we are very spoiled with restaurants and cuisine in SF.


                        1. re: sarakellenberger

                          Re: Cecil Green's catering (website here:

                          I can only say from my own wedding experience which was almost 20 years ago (where did the time go ???) and don't recall if it was even the same company who had the contract with UBC at that time. The food was good, but then again I was in my 20's and "foodie" wasn't in my lexicon. We did the best we can selecting a midday hor d'oeuvres menu that suited our preferences and budget (IIRC ~ $30pp) excluding alcohol.

                          1. re: sarakellenberger

                            I've eaten at Cecil Green more recently than that (a wedding and an award ceremony). No joy there for a foodie but not offensive.

                            Van Dusen's catering is not good.

                            Both venues are lovely, offering indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony which is important in rain-prone-at-any-time-of-the-year Vancouver.

                            The caterer we used for our wedding was indeed Chef Christophe Kwiatkowsky. He was at the now-defunct Dubrulle Culinary School at the time and now is a principal at Northwest Culinary Academy and also runs Le Zeste

                            He was very creative about supplying us with a la minute cooked items in a challenging environment with little or no real catering infrastructure on site, including bringing in barbeques to cook on the spot. I had several people say it was the best food they ever had at a wedding. He's also delightful to work with and took care of every request we had (even the bridezilla-y ones) while still coming in on budget.

                            Our food theme was things on sticks from around the world and he really translated that well to deliver great food to 65 people at once. I think he's pretty versatile in terms of types of cuisine. And lest you think from my description that this was a casual affair, it was quite elegant and all of the prep was done behind the scenes and presented artfully.

                            sarakellenberger, please feel free to drop me a line at the email in my profile if you have any other questions about planning a wedding in Vancouver that I might be able to help with (don't want to range too far afield on this here food board!). We get down to the Bay Area twice a year and love it to bits. All the best.

                            1. re: grayelf

                              Glad to hear it was Chef Christophe, whom I've had the honour and privilege of learning from in several classes I've taken at NWCAV. He's a master chef and a gentleman.

              2. Not sure how much this thread might help (advice re: wedding venues with views, not necessarily waterfront), but there's only so many venues in town so maybe you can glean some useful info here:


                FWIW, I wedded at Cecil Green. It's not waterfront in the pure sense of the word, but scenic nevertheless esp. on a good weather day when the North Shore mountains are in clear view. Easily accommodates 100 people, with catering to boot. But book early.

                1. Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. False Creek Community Centre at Granville Island. Check with the new owners of the property at Monks on False Creek. Britannia Heritage Shipyard in Richmond (my personal favourite). The venue at Deas Island Regional Park in Delta. All will have various catering capacity.
                  (full disclosure - I am a personal chef and private caterer, and have provided service at all of the venues mentioned)

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                  1. re: KarenDW

                    Thank you Karen. These look like some great "off the beaten path" venues.

                  2. Sorry... just re-reading your OP, and notice a preference for West/North Vancouver. The Silk Purse Gallery in West Van is a beautiful location. Just not sure of the maximum capacity.

                    1. Not sure if this was mentioned but Sage Bistro at UBC is a great venue. I had my wedding there wife and I, as well as our guests, were very happy with Sage Bistro. Great food, service, view, grounds etc. And reasonable rates.
                      Not sure if he is still there, but Nicholas was in charge of the operations.