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Jan 19, 2001 10:19 AM

Amazing sounding TX bbq discovery

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My friend in Texas just told me about a place called the Cele General Store.

It's a small old general store, close to nowhere, sort of somewhere between Taylor and Manor. There's rusty farm equipment in the back, and bottles of hair tonic on the shelves and a basket of bolts for carriages. She assures me there are no cute statues of pigs or dairy cows.

They only serve food on Friday nights and Saturday lunch. You have to have reservations. They offer barbeque brisket, sausage, and ribs. No sides except onions, pickles, cheese, bread, jalapenos and bbq sauce. All of it dumped in the middle of the table on butcher block paper.

None of the chairs match, the floor is slanted and there is plenty of dust. The beer is served behind a huge old saloon esque bar.

Has anyone else heard of this place?

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  1. Cele's is in New Sweden about 5 miles north of Manor. Of course, New Sweden doesn't really exist anymore so that's not much help. As for reservations, I'm not buying that -- it's a bbq joint that runs Fridays and Saturdays until they run out, usually around noon.

    David Cook

    1. Yes, I have been 2 the Cele Community Center (or store). Yes, it is great and yes you do need reservations unless U take a chance at a bar seat and even then they may turn U down on the food (beer - no problem). It is out in the middle of nowehere. Just look up Cele Texas at It is the ONLY thing in Cele so U won't miss it. Enjoy. I live about 7 miles from there. Yummy. Their phone # for reservations is...512-251-3562.

      1. oh yeah, one more thing of legend about the Cele store is that Clint Eastwood when filming in the area several years ago, would land in a helicopter near the store 4 lunch and they opened just for him and catered to his crew or something. There are plenty of autographed pics of him at the store.