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Apr 1, 2013 02:25 PM

Late-night eat near Shiodome/Ginza

We get into Tokyo late Saturday night, but still wanted to get a bite. Staying near Shiodome. Looking for a place open to 1AM or 2AM that serves the best food, any Japanese cuisine. I've been to Gonpachi before and we saw Gil eighty Echigoya on tabelog. I was hoping there is something rated closer to a 4 on tabelog that we could go to. We are willing to taxi further if it's worth it. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think maybe you should set your standards lower. Considering you get in so late, maybe you should just be looking for something tasty to tie you over till the next day, not the best of the best.

    1. Also, it's odd to specify a certain Tabelog rating here on Chowhound when you can just go to Tabelog and look there. I know places I like to go, but I have no idea what their Tabelog rating is and don't particularly care - I don't find their ratings all that helpful in general.

      Also, there are over 100,000 restaurants in Tokyo. I have no idea what "Gil eighty Echigoya" means - is it a restaurant name? Googling it brings up this posting and nothing else on the entire web.

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      1. re: Robb S

        I guess the name is Echigo Yayasokichi, my post had the google translation.

        I have trouble searching Tabelog, even with the translate,I was looking for the best tasting food available at 1AM near Ginza or Shiodome. Any help?

      2. By the look of that gobbledygook name you've viewed tabelog through google chrome. It's Echigo Yayasokichi.

        You mentioned Gonpachi and a place with a 4 stars, which has me confused. Are you looking for a tourist trap with mediocre food and a high rating? In that case En in Shiodome would be your best bet. It's open until 11:30pm (L.O. 10:30).

        Otherwise, Minabi fits your 4 preferences star, but I don't know how you'll handle the Japanese menu/non-English speaking staff.

        Kurofuneya is open till 5am (ex Sat), if you are after standard izakaya fare.

        Personally, I'd skip dinner and head straight to one of the excellent cocktail bars in the area like Star Bar, High Five or Tender Bar. Drink the best classic cocktails in the world and then grab an onigiri from a convenience store.

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        1. re: wekabeka

          I only mentioned Gonpachi because I know it's popular and I didn't want people to recommend it. I want the best tasting food available at 1AM near Ginza or Shiodome. Actually all three of your recommendations sound good. Would you happen to have the tabelog link to the bars. I think I'm ready for the Japanese menu.


          1. re: albatruffles

            Just arrived in from drinks at High Five, and still think Ueno-san makes one of the best negroni in town. No need for tabelog links to the bars - they have been written about extensively in English on the web.

            1. re: wekabeka

              On the hours for Kurofuneya, tabelog tells me:
              17:00 to 05:00 Mon-Fri
              17:00 to 23:30 Sat
              Yes enter the shop open after 10 o'clock at night, mosquitoes enter the shop after midnight, until the first train

              If mosquitoes can enter after midnight, I'd assume we can also.

              The bars look good, I remember reading about Hive Five's hot dog, maybe we'll end up there. Thanks.